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Monday, 29 December 2014

What i got for christmas 2014

Hi guys so sorry this is a day late but I don't really have a very good excuse, so I'm just gonna say forgot and then was out all night at a Christmas do and I didn't have a pre written post.

So I have to say a little disclaimer, this is my first post like this and in no way am I bragging and I haven't been sponsored by anyone and what I got was paid for by family members. I love watching or reading other people who blog or vlog about this so know I have said that here is what I got for Christmas!

I got this nail kit from Santa it had 2 big shades and 5 smaller shades. It also had a Nail file and was in a black bag. I am really looking forward to using these as they are really high quality.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Hi guys, so today I just want to have a little chat with you about my thoughts.
So today in some parts of England it has snowed! This made me think of when i was little.
Because I used to run outside as soon as I saw a slight bit of snow. I would take loads of pictures and have snowball fights with my brother or build a snowman. I used in winter wish every night before I went to sleep for it to snow. Then one day while staring out the window or in mid conversation or walking the dog the first few flakes would begin to fall and it would be like your birthday had come early ( unless it was on your birthday but as mine is in April i highly doubt it.) You would drop everything you were doing and you would shout it from the rooftops. It was snowing!

Sunday, 21 December 2014


It is December meaning its winter!!! 

What i have been looking forward to:
Pamper sessions
Hot chocolates
Snuggling by the fire

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Panto: snow white

Panto: snow white.
I was a mini miner.
I apologize for how basic this post is.
I have been ill all day

Sunday, 30 November 2014

November favourites

Hey guys, and welcome to my first ever favourites so I have started to be a lot more organised on my blog and I have pencilled in what I'm doing till 2015 (which sounds cray cray but its not actually that long away) and for ages I have wanted to do favourites but I just never have, so I think I should get started.

1) so my first favourite is going to be beauty related and it is this Ted baker lip butter. Now I got this in a pack of 4 a long time ago and don't know the name of the shade or anything but I really like this. It is berry shades but not too berry and it just has the nicest feel when its on your lips. I expect this to be quite expensive but I don't know how much it is??? However this is my only high end beauty product and I love it but I don't think its worth spending double or even triple the price for it when you can probably get a pretty good dupe from the drugstore.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

How to clear up spots

Hi guys, so recently I have had a horrible breakout in my t-zone mostly on my nose and between my eyebrows, so here are just 5 tips on how to clear your face of those unwelcome spots.

1. Cleanse daily. Now I know this sound crazy but just using a spot cleanser daily is a great way to prevent and get rid of spots. The cleanser i use daily is the clean and clear deep cleansing lotion and this mostly helps to prevent spots but also helps get rid of spots as well. You can use a more expensive cleanser but I just found this works really well as a daily one and also its really cheap.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

i'm having a crisis

hi me again, so on Wednesday I tried to post a blog  about bonfire night, however it didn't show up and with continually efforts I cant get it to work i'm not sure why this happened but I have given up. This made me think even though it says I have over 1050 views I never get a response from any of you which I am fine about. But it takes alot of effort to post regularly all the time and I don't get any results. I love doing this but I think my commitment isn't possible to keep up. However my friend has recently started blogging twice a week so you can go check her out if you are sad about the fact I aren't uploading as much and you can view her blog here. Therefore I have decided to not post on a Wednesday, I will still be posting every Sunday so don't think I'm not still posting regularly but instead of an Wednesday sometimes I might to a spontaneous blog some time in the week or when ever I feel like it. Just to spice things up a bit ans lay off the pressure, please tell me what you think and I will be posting very shortly.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

holiday pics: Barcelona!!!!

Hi guys so as you probably know I have just got back from Barcelona and thought I would share some (most) of the pics with you. We went to load of other places but my camera kept on running out of charge. I also took load of selfees with people but I didn't want to put them up because they included other people. Hope you enjoyed and I will see you next week
Places I visited and took photos of:

~Mare de Déu de Montserrat~
~Sagrada Família~
~Port Aventura~

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Hi guys so tomorrow I am going Barcelona!!!! So I seriously need to pack and do an English essay as I am not in school so I can't do a blog post :( so sorry, also at Barcelona I won't have internet as its with school so on sunday and Wednesday there won't be any posts!!! I am
20 views away from 1000!!! Thank you so much but hopefully when I get back I will of hit 1000 views. Leave a comment below telling me how to improve in the future and if there's anything you want me to doe e.g Q + A, room tour, look books anything like that and I will give them a go. Bye!!!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

My travel bag

Hi guys, so I have just come back from my mums friends house in ledbury, and I thought it was about time I showed you what's in my travel make up bag.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Brand spotlight: Tanya burr lip gloss

Hi guys and welcome to today's blog, a while ago I purchased some of the Tanya burr lip glosses: Aurora and Vampire Kiss. I really love these and have wanted them for a long time so was very excited when I finally got them. Recently from feel unique I got a few more: heart skipped a beat, champagne toast and smile,sparkle, dream

aurora, champagne toast, smile, sparkle, dream, hear skipped a beat, vampire kiss (top to bottom)

Monday, 13 October 2014

Fall beauty favourites tag

Hi guys so today I have for you my fall beauty favourites,  photos will be added soon because i need to take them, so let's start the tag

- Fall Beauty Faves -
1. Fav face product: this will have to be the miss sporty so matte stay pressed powder in the colour 002 medium, in autumn I get really oily and this just helps to really control the oils and gives a slight coverage. It also evens my skin out to make my skin look so perfect its great
2. Fav cheek product: for this my favourite will have to be the loreal Paris le blush in the shade 145 rosewood, this just makes your cheeks look naturally flushed which is perfect as its getting colder and I think a flushed cheek looks so cute in the colder months and natural so you can get away with a redder cheek.
3. Fav eye product: this would be the Maybelline 24 hour tattoo in the colour 35- on and on bronze this is just really good to apply all other the lid to create a more natural colour or a base and is perfect for when your in a rush in the morning's, I just find in autumn I always am running late because I just don't wanna get out of bed and quick eye-shadow which you can just pop on is Genius
4. Fav lip product: this is the revlon lip butter in the shade 085 sugar plum and this is just a cute berry colour which is perfect for autumn I really want to expand my collection to get more colours for autumn and a lot of just more shades in general for my lips but I'm running out of space...
5. Fav hair product: this is quite diffucult cause i have alot of hairsprays just because i reallly like them and very recently I got this and i love it is the batiste floral and flirty blush dry shampoo it is so good and cheap, it just does what it says and I feel like I would choose this for autumn because you wear your hair down more and you just want to look generally fresh and clean
6. Fav fragrance / candle: my favourite scent is fireside treats from Yankee this is amazing it smells so much like roasted marshmallows and a mixture of fire which sounds kinda weird but trust me its amazing and would be great for like a snug night at home or just if you want that feeling of warmth and happiness and sweet sweet memories (ok I'll stop now) I just really like it
7. nail polish: the nail polish I like is a Tanya burr one in the colour penguin chic this is like a browny grey colour and it is really cute, I am wearing it now and I think its not to dark or wintery however its not summery or spring but it is autumny and I love it (you know its just great)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Eek its happened again

Hi guys so today I went shopping and I wanted to do a haul blog for you today but when I got back I had a few things I needed to sort out and after that the lighting was terrible so I couldn't take the photos for the haul. I should of prepared something else but I just remembered and its 9 o'clock so I'm kinda really tired so expect the haul next week however come back tomorrow for today's blog and I promise there will be one, so sorry guys again I know this has been happening regularly and I need to get into the swings of things and upload more maybe if it gets to much go down to 1 a week, well Bye guys and today's question of the day is whats your favourite thing to do on a Sunday? mine is shopping.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Go Check Her Out

hi guys so I have just uploaded my last post and just wanted to ad a little extra post about my personal friends blog. It is actual amazing and really cute its just like mine and I'm sure you will love it. to check it out just click here or click the link so please go check her out it would mean he world to me and comment down below what you think. (but no hate that's just mean) also thanks you so much for the 800 views it means the world and their will be a special blog post when I reach 1000 views, and follow to be notification when I upload! (if you want me to do a blog post on how to follow someone I will but I don't wanna sound like I'm forcing you to follow me) bye!

How to: fishtail

Hi guys so as promised today I am sowing you how to fishtail your hair as featured in my previous blog. This can go 2 ways it can either be a little bit helpful or completely not at all. So let's get on to the first step (be warned I am writing this at 8:30 and to me that's really late considering I go to bed at 9 and get tired really early because I wake up so early)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

3 back to school hairstyles

Hi guys so this week i have a requested blog which is 3 quick and easy hairstyles for school, so I know, from personal experiences, that those students out there have recently gone back to school so these are the hairstyles I love to wear.

So firstly let's start with a high ponytail, this is literally the definition of a quick and easy hairstyle. It looks great and is such a simple way to get your hair out your face and is perfect for school. For this look this is what y'all need (sorry couldn't resist) however you could just skip out the hairspray steps if you want. so you just need a big paddle brush, tresemme dry shampoo and vo5 ultimate hold.
So to achieve this look I simply start by combing my hair, I use a big paddle brush and start from the tips of my hair and work up (if you know what I mean) and if my hair is a bit greasy I will just spritz in some dry shampoo, the dry shampoo I use is the tresemme instant refresh and the type is cleansing which is the orange one (I think there's different types, I mean i could look it up but meh) this just  makes my hair clean and refreshed. The next thing I do is simply comb my hair back, I then flick my hair other my head and pull it into a pony tail, just to finish it off I spray the vo5 ultimate hold just to keep it in place and get rid of all those fly aways.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Breakfast ideas

Hi guys so for today's Wednesday, extra content I thought I would show you how I make this cool, healthy breakfast idea which is featured in my previous blog: my morning routine. So if you want to find out how I made that just keep reading.
 So to start off you need a banana, some yoghurt and some seeds you will also need a bowl and a fork (which isn't shown in the image below)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Morning routine

Hi guys so today I am going to show you my morning routine for school days, so my routine is quite strange and quirky but I hope yo like it:

So my alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m and I wake up to start my day, so the first thing I do is head into the bathroom and wash my face and you know go to the toilet (we all have to wee let's just get other the awkwardness) then I head downstairs and make my breakfast.
Today I had a Zoe speciality ;) (mashed banana with yoghurt on top and sunflower/pumpkin seeds
mixed in) If you would like to see how to make that come back next Thursday.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Website spotlight: Feel Unique

Hi guys, so I have recently purchased some products from feel unique, and thought I would share my experience with you! So without the long intro let's get to it... (Wow that sounds cheesy )

So let's start with the actual website- the website was easy to navigate and (as websites go) fairly interesting to look at and browse on. However when I found what I wanted it was quite confusing. As there was a sale on I was looking at the Tanya burr products which had 45% off, however all the products were different prices! Some were £3.65 some were £3.45 some were the full price £6.99 it was crazy and really confusing. So when I decided what I wanted, i purchased it and asked my dad to put his details in and then the dreaded string of error messages came up! (Dun, dun, dunnnnn) and it kept happening, even my crazy tech dad didn't know the solution so we tried again the next day and it worked!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Top 5 drugstore products

Hi guys so today I thought I would show you my  top 5 drugstore favourites. I realise I have done lots of tags recently I just really enjoy doing them and not really sure what else to do, so suggestions would be appreciated but without further to do let's get to it.

Monday, 15 September 2014

60 things in my bedroom!

Hi guys, so today I have a bit of a different blog, I don't know if you would enjoy this I just thought it was a little Insight into my bedroom, i actually find this really hard to do because I couldn't find 60 things in my bedroom but I finally did so here is a list of 60 things in my bedroom:

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Just a little update

Hi guys, so this is just a little mid-week update because I have decided that I'm going to try really hard to post a new blog every Sunday. Also I have just revamped my design so its a bit more interesting! However just to remind you I am still at school so this might not always happen but I will try my hardest! So if you guys have a time preference for when I upload tell me in the comments or any suggestions for future blog post, would be appreciated. Ok so that's it for this little update, expect a new blog post next Sunday, bye!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

TMI part 2

Hi guys so i havent been tagged by anyone it was just i thought this would be a cute way for you to get to know me. This is Part 2 of the TMI tag, if you haven't already you can read part 1 here Also I tag Eleanor Hurst and Paige Stockdale

TMI tag part 1

Hi guys so i havent been tagged by anyone it was just i thought this would be a cute way for you to get to know me. This is Part 1 of the TMI tag, part 2 will be out in a fortnight enjoy. Also I tag Eleanor Hurst and Paige Stockdale

Sunday, 17 August 2014

I need help!

Hey , soooo I i need your guys help on some ideas for blog posts because I feel like then you guys will enjoy my posts more and because some of my ideas I feel like you wouldn't like. I apologize for not posting frequently if you would like me to post a blog like every fortnight on a certain day then please tell me that in the comments or if you have just any ideas on how I can improve do the same. basically  that's what this post is about also check out my twitter @zoe_sherlock  if you want to leave a comment there on my recent post which will be about me uploading this post then you can check that out. Soooo yeah I apologize this post is so boring so I'm gonna go, byyye!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hi guys, sorry I haven't been posting recently its just I felt like my blog was becoming more just about nails and I promise its hair and beauty as well. If you have any questions on anything then leave them below and I will answer them in the next blog post! Thanks for reading and I'm sorry again! Bye for now.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Tanya Burr nails

Tanya Burr nails

Hi everyone, so recently I invested in 3 bottles of Tanya burrs nail polish. I was really excited to check these out, as I love tan and the products looked really good quality and were in some amazing shades! The 3 colours I got were:
* Peaches and cream
* Mini marshmallows
* little duck

Monday, 9 June 2014

My freinds blog

Hi everyone, so my friend has set up a blog and I would be really grateful if you go check her out she hasn't posted anything yet but she is going to do make up, hair and nails. So if you want to check her out then click here

Wednesday, 28 May 2014



hi everyone, so most weekends I paint my nails, this week I decided to go for a really cute, light pink nude. I used a nail polish called 'pinking shear' from '17', I used this out of a set called '17 nail polish mini nail library' this set includes 9 different shades which are all 4ml. I got this set a while ago so i think it might be hard to get your hands on this exact one however I know you can find similar alternatives and i think this is a great way to start a collection as it includes a range of colours.