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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Shopping Haul part1: Make Up.

Hi guys so this is my first ever haul!!!! DISCLAIMER: I know everyone does this but here we go. I am not bragging in anyway I brought all these things my self and I know that what I have brought I don't really need but I like it so yeah.

So after that little disclaimer let's start with the haul!
I know this first one isn't make up but I had to add it in somewhere so....
The first shop I went into was a little old fashioned sweet shop which sells old fashioned sweets (I know shock horror) but it also sells american candy. So this is where I buy all my nerds, I love nerds so much and don't go into town that much so this time I stocked up and brought every flavour they had! I realise how I sound writing this, I know I'm obsessed! These where each £1.49 and I love them.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

My everyday make up routine: Face

Hi guys,
So this is the second part in my two part post, 'My Every Day Make Up Routine'. I have tried to take decent pictures for this for a while and it was really hard so I thought it would be easier to talk you through it instead and show you the end result.
(top edited, bottom no editing at all)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy valentines day!

Hi guys, Happy Valentine's day, I really felt in the mood to take some photos today so in the true spirit of valentines day I took a picture of a red rose. I took these photos with my dads camera which is a Nokia lumia fz 150. 

While messing with the settings I discovered my dads camera could do a video ( which was really obvious, I'm just really thick) and you could also flip the screen round to face you, who knew!

Basically it does everything you need for a YouTube channel and I was thinking should I start one? I mean I would probably be terrible at it, but if it's something I might enjoy I think I should give it ago, maybe? 

I haven't started anything yet but I would really like to- however I'm not sure how people would respond. I don't think I will but if maybe any of you would want to see that please let me now it would be really appreciated and if you think I shouldn't let me now as well! Anyway here are the pictures!

Monday, 9 February 2015

I was nominated for the Liebster Award!

Hi guys,
So today i am here to announce i have been nominated for the Liebster award by Itscaitlinsblog. You should go check her out as she has a blog similar to mine, so if you like my blog you would like hers!

My everyday make up: Eyes

Hi guys, so I am doing 'My Everyday Make Up Routine' with you today I am so excited to do this as I love watching these type of videos on YouTube and reading them on blogger. I am splitting this post into two parts: Eyes and face. So today is the Eyes part!

So the first thing I do is apply liquid eye shadow. I use liquid eye shadow as it is quick and easy to apply, which is perfect for school so you can spend more time in bed and less time doing your make up. The liquid eye shadow I use is the Maybelline 24 hr colour tattoo in the colour on and on bronze. I love this and will probably be doing a review of this in the future so look at for that! These are best applied using less as it apply's smoother and not cakey- less is more that's what I always say!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Random question tag!?

Hi guys, so today I felt like writing a post and I really liked doing the Tmi tag so I thought I would do another tag, so this is the random question tag.
1. Thing you cant leave the house without. 
Lip balm defiantly, to be totally honest I can live without my phone but lip balm I can't function with out it (ok bit extreme but you get what I mean)
2. Favorite brand of makeup 
Maybelline is probably my favourite because I have the most stuff by that brand however I have just ordered some stuff from nyx and I absolutely love it! I will do a haul for that soon if you would like!
3. Favorite flowers. 
I love traditional roses just the idea of receiving a rose on valentines day and all that lovey dovey stuff ( but that won't happen for alooooong time!) I also really like the smell but I love this air plant I have in bedroom its very exotic and just a lovely feature.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Favourites

Hi guys, so this is gonna be more a non-beauty post as my beauty favourites are very similar to last months. However after all your lovely feedback on my last favourites I thought I HAD to do another!

So my first beauty favourite is something I have had/ loved for a while but I don't think I have ever mentioned it on my blog before! A while ago people were raving about it this product, but recently no one ever mentions it. This is the Loreal Paris super liner perfect slim in the colour intense black. I have been really liking doing a kinda cat eye flick. I love doing this I just think it looks so cool and intricate and a bit different to my every day make up. As I have brown eyes I think lining them in black really brings out the colour and makes my eyes kinda dark which I really like. The product itself has a felt tip nib which you can just lie along the lop of your eye to get a really straight line and then use the small nib to create a very precise flick, if you know what I mean.