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Wednesday, 28 May 2014



hi everyone, so most weekends I paint my nails, this week I decided to go for a really cute, light pink nude. I used a nail polish called 'pinking shear' from '17', I used this out of a set called '17 nail polish mini nail library' this set includes 9 different shades which are all 4ml. I got this set a while ago so i think it might be hard to get your hands on this exact one however I know you can find similar alternatives and i think this is a great way to start a collection as it includes a range of colours.

 however, some school don't let you wear nail polish (but they are not to strict and don't really care in my school). However I have come up with a solution, if your school has really strict rules on nail polish, I recommend a clear nail polish as it still has that glowy, gloss finish that a gloss nail polish has, however your teacher doesn't know your wearing nail polish. The clear nail polish I use is the models own 5 in 1 clear nail polish as this is a drug store nail polish (cheap) and it also makes your nails healthier and stronger. so that's what I use, but my question to you is- what is your favourite clear nail polish? bye for now, hope to post soon.

alternative nail library:
clear nail polish: