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Monday, 16 June 2014

Tanya Burr nails

Tanya Burr nails

Hi everyone, so recently I invested in 3 bottles of Tanya burrs nail polish. I was really excited to check these out, as I love tan and the products looked really good quality and were in some amazing shades! The 3 colours I got were:
* Peaches and cream
* Mini marshmallows
* little duck

However i feel like the nail polish had to be applied smoothly to make it look the best it can, it is also very thick and pigmented so you only need to apply 1 coat! However I have found that the nail polish after you apply it, it does bubble a bit and isn't very smooth. 
My favourite colour is little duck however it isn't very appoperate for school, however the other 2 are also gorgeous nude colours. I found the mini marshmallows was brighter then it looked and peaches and cream was a subtler nude.

Little Duck
Peaches And Cream
Mini Marshmallows 

As always the topcoat I use was the models own 5 in 1 clear nail polish, as I said in a recent post how much I love this nail vanish however if you want a full review on this polish, just leave a comment asking.


  1. OMG I was there when I got them!!! Feel like a fan girl

    1. Lol excited to see your blog post