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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Morning routine

Hi guys so today I am going to show you my morning routine for school days, so my routine is quite strange and quirky but I hope yo like it:

So my alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m and I wake up to start my day, so the first thing I do is head into the bathroom and wash my face and you know go to the toilet (we all have to wee let's just get other the awkwardness) then I head downstairs and make my breakfast.
Today I had a Zoe speciality ;) (mashed banana with yoghurt on top and sunflower/pumpkin seeds
mixed in) If you would like to see how to make that come back next Thursday.

 Then after eating that I pour myself some orange juice and drink that whiles taking my tablets, yeah fun.

Then is the weird bit in oder to get up easily the first time, I tell my self I can just go back to sleep, so I watch YouTube on my tablet in bed till my next alarm goes off at 7:15 this is my favourite time of the day and I wouldn't miss it for anything also it makes me a lot more awake.
After this I head over to my to my bathroom and start my skin care routine (if you would like to see this in another blog tell me in the comments below) and brush my teeth, Then I go into my bedroom and start on that hair. So today I decided to wear a plait to the side and this hairstyle is featured in next week blog so be sure to look at for that.

Ok I know this is weird but after doing my hair I pop into the shower, LIFE HACK ALERT! if you face the shower your hair do sent get wet! Today in the shower I used the soap and glory body scrub in the sent sugar crush, I know this scent is really popular but I'm not sure about it, it is very limey and strong but its quite sickly as well, and I also used some body shop shower gel.

After this I get changed into my school uniform and yes my school makes us go all out, with ties and blazers, which is really annoying but I guess its not soooo bad. However today is a Sunday so instead I wore my own cloths (obviously) and I just wore some plain jeans and I Long sleeved white top with a hoodie.

Then I start on my mak eup (again I will show you in a future blog post if you would like) to turn my face into something okayish, I know I'm terrible at selfies.

And then I simply pack my bag and go to school and finish any homework I need to do.
So that's it for today's blog I hope you liked this style of post, because it is something from YouTube which I have adapted into a blog so considering,  I think it worked out quite well. If you would like I could do a night time routine or a weekend edition to this sometime soon in the future so yeah, follow my blog to be notificated when I upload another blog and I will be sure to see you very soon, bye!

P.s there is a fly buzzing around me and it is driving me insane.

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