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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Top 5 drugstore products

Hi guys so today I thought I would show you my  top 5 drugstore favourites. I realise I have done lots of tags recently I just really enjoy doing them and not really sure what else to do, so suggestions would be appreciated but without further to do let's get to it.

1. The first thing I have to mention is mascara! The mascara I am loving is the falsies volume express mascara in the colour  black drama.  I love this so because it gives you great length and makes your eyelashes so thick but its not sticky. I use to wear this to school all the time but now I wear a waterproof one instead, because  it lasts longer and is more weather resistant and my eyes water all the time. However I don't really like it so if there are any waterproof mascaras you guys like please let me know in the comments below, and this was £7.99

2. On the subject of eyes the next thing I love is the MUA pallette in Heaven and Earth. OMG this is amazing, I love it so much and its great to create diverse looks for daytime and night time and for the price the quality is amazing. I really want MUA to do more nude pallettes, as well as this one they also have a palette called 'undress me to' (umt) however I don't like this pallette as much, although if I hadn't experienced heaven and earth I would be raving about it. I often use umt for night time because the shimmers are very shimmery and it also had some matte colours. The MUA pallets are £4 for 12 shades

3. The next thing i discovered is the b. Glowing shimmer brick in the colour 108 bronze, this is amazing! The quality's great the colours nice and I think this is the perfect dupe to the Bobbi brown shimmer brick (coming from someone's who has never tried it but really wanted to but now, not so much) I am really looking forward to try some more products from this brand, I have never heard of it before and guessing its mainly based in super drug however it might be in other shops I don't know. Again this was really cheap compared to Bobbi brown shimmer brick which is £32.50 and this is £8.99

4. The next item is a lip product, a lip butter to be exact. I love all the Revlon lip butters (well out of the ones I've tried which is a fair bit) however the colour of the lip butter in the picture,  and the one I'm really loving at the moment is the colour 096 macaroon. These are really creamy and pigmented and smell amazing, and also guess what, taste great to. The colour of this one is a darkish pink colour with a slight shimmer to it I really like these and this was £7.99

5. The last product is of course,Tanya burr lip gloss and this one is in the colour smile, dream, sparkle. Product aside the name is gorgeous and I love thinking when I where this I can smile and dream and sparkle. However back to the product this are so gorgeous some of them are really, really pigmented however the glittery ones are a lot less which I actually like these stay on your lips for ages and taste/smell amazing. I really like the colour of this one but people hardly ever mention is so I thought I would in this blog as well as it being one of my favourites of course, and these are £6.99 however at superdrug they are £4.99, and I got it from feel unique for £3.40 something. However that deal has ended

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