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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Website spotlight: Feel Unique

Hi guys, so I have recently purchased some products from feel unique, and thought I would share my experience with you! So without the long intro let's get to it... (Wow that sounds cheesy )

So let's start with the actual website- the website was easy to navigate and (as websites go) fairly interesting to look at and browse on. However when I found what I wanted it was quite confusing. As there was a sale on I was looking at the Tanya burr products which had 45% off, however all the products were different prices! Some were £3.65 some were £3.45 some were the full price £6.99 it was crazy and really confusing. So when I decided what I wanted, i purchased it and asked my dad to put his details in and then the dreaded string of error messages came up! (Dun, dun, dunnnnn) and it kept happening, even my crazy tech dad didn't know the solution so we tried again the next day and it worked!

When the package arrived it was in a small box left outside the front door. (Luckily no one stole it) it was well wrapped and nothing was Brocken! Surprisingly, each lip gloss was in a professional package and the nail polish was under some cling film with those awesome foamy things around it (I know it made my day).

It arrived in good time and yeah I don't really know what else to say I'm sorry this blog was so rambly (is this even a word) and uninteresting I'm just going to use this if I don't have any other blogs to put up, so that's it for this weeks blog bye! ( I apologize for all these little things)

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