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Sunday, 5 October 2014

3 back to school hairstyles

Hi guys so this week i have a requested blog which is 3 quick and easy hairstyles for school, so I know, from personal experiences, that those students out there have recently gone back to school so these are the hairstyles I love to wear.

So firstly let's start with a high ponytail, this is literally the definition of a quick and easy hairstyle. It looks great and is such a simple way to get your hair out your face and is perfect for school. For this look this is what y'all need (sorry couldn't resist) however you could just skip out the hairspray steps if you want. so you just need a big paddle brush, tresemme dry shampoo and vo5 ultimate hold.
So to achieve this look I simply start by combing my hair, I use a big paddle brush and start from the tips of my hair and work up (if you know what I mean) and if my hair is a bit greasy I will just spritz in some dry shampoo, the dry shampoo I use is the tresemme instant refresh and the type is cleansing which is the orange one (I think there's different types, I mean i could look it up but meh) this just  makes my hair clean and refreshed. The next thing I do is simply comb my hair back, I then flick my hair other my head and pull it into a pony tail, just to finish it off I spray the vo5 ultimate hold just to keep it in place and get rid of all those fly aways.

So the next hairstyle is a side plait but this is not any side plait this is a fishtail side plait ( Ikr! exciting) so this is great if you have a bit more time in the morning or maybe you want to do it on the bus to school I don't know. however to do this I just start off by again using  the same dry shampoo and comb my hair to the side. Then just to make life easier, I split my hair into 3 sections and start plaiting after 2 to 3 times of plaiting (make sure its tight) I then split the remaining hair into 2 sections and start fish tailing till the end,(this is hard to explain in words and would take step by step instructions so for Wednesday I will have another blog post on how to do that but for the meanwhile, i find this video on YouTube really helpful, click here to see the video.) then you just use a hair bobble or hair tie, depending wear you live to finish it off.

as a little side not by the end of the day this look well it looked quite sassy so just thought i would show you what that looked like below.

The next hairstyle is a high bun so to do this you just need to follow the steps to making a high pony tail but maybe position it a bit higher and then you need to follow these steps. so after you have your pony tail you just need to twist this round, its ok if when you let go it undoes most peoples hair does.
then you just need twist this round your bun and secure it with another hair bobble and your done you can then use the vo5 ultimate hold again to make sure it stays in place. 

 again like the fish tail by the end of the day it had come out a bit and this looked really cool so I thought I would show you.

so that's it for today's blog I hope you liked it and I am aware of how weird I look in the pictures so don't judge and I know this is selfie overload however I will say hi again very soon, bye. 


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