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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Brand spotlight: Tanya burr lip gloss

Hi guys and welcome to today's blog, a while ago I purchased some of the Tanya burr lip glosses: Aurora and Vampire Kiss. I really love these and have wanted them for a long time so was very excited when I finally got them. Recently from feel unique I got a few more: heart skipped a beat, champagne toast and smile,sparkle, dream

aurora, champagne toast, smile, sparkle, dream, hear skipped a beat, vampire kiss (top to bottom)

So firstly let's talk about aurora, personally for me this is to pinky but I can kinda get away with it. It is a very milky pink and for fair haired people, and brunette people it would look amazing but I have dark brown hair which in some lights looks black so it doesn't look the best. However for these reasons I don't use it by its self but I do use it if I want a different shade and a more pinky look , I just blend it with other products or add it on top. I also do the same for them all, I like just blending them in to create different shades. For example what I did with the photo on the right, this was a blend of aurora and a revelon lip butter in the colour 096 macaroon

However all the other colours are perfect so I either use them with different colours underneath or by themselves to create a more subtler look. Now let's talk about the lip gloss themselves instead of the colours. So each lipstick I have tried they feel great on your lips very hydrating , they smell amazing - Aurora literally smells like strawberry angel delight! However they are quite sticky for instance champagne toast and smile, dream, sparkle and heart skipped a beat are both extremely sticky however the others I have tried aren't

Overall I think these are really nice and I can't wait to try more the and I highly recommend them. They are quite expensive at a price of £7.99 however these are drugstore not high end. Hope you enjoyed this and my question of the week is: if you could have any shade out of the Tanya lip range, which would it be?

vampire kiss

Heart skipped a beat

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