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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Breakfast ideas

Hi guys so for today's Wednesday, extra content I thought I would show you how I make this cool, healthy breakfast idea which is featured in my previous blog: my morning routine. So if you want to find out how I made that just keep reading.
 So to start off you need a banana, some yoghurt and some seeds you will also need a bowl and a fork (which isn't shown in the image below)

So firstly you just need to peel your banana and with your fork loosely chop the banana into chunks or you can leave it hole. Then you simply mash the banana using the back of your fork. If you prefer a less thick banana  base you can just swirl some yoghurt in at this stage however I liked it how it was.

Then you just add the yoghurt on top and smooth it down to create another layer  (this can be any flavour you like and it doesn't have to be a small pot, I sometimes use the yeo valley Greek style yoghurt or the honey on,  but I had run out of that so today I used just the normal activia in the flavour strawberry)

Then you can just pour the seeds on top or swirl them into the yoghurt as a final touch, (again you can add any seeds, I use sunflower seeds and I also have pumpkin seeds but I don't really like them, and you can also use more then 1 type of seeds , basically whatever floats your boat ) however if you don't like seeds feel free to leave this step out.

And that's you done this is so quick and easy and I really great way to start of your day , I know it doesn't look very nice but I personally think it is incredible and I really like this, if your wondering where I got this recipe from I'm afraid I can't tell you because I made it up, and if you have any ideas please let me know down below, bye.

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