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Monday, 13 October 2014

Fall beauty favourites tag

Hi guys so today I have for you my fall beauty favourites,  photos will be added soon because i need to take them, so let's start the tag

- Fall Beauty Faves -
1. Fav face product: this will have to be the miss sporty so matte stay pressed powder in the colour 002 medium, in autumn I get really oily and this just helps to really control the oils and gives a slight coverage. It also evens my skin out to make my skin look so perfect its great
2. Fav cheek product: for this my favourite will have to be the loreal Paris le blush in the shade 145 rosewood, this just makes your cheeks look naturally flushed which is perfect as its getting colder and I think a flushed cheek looks so cute in the colder months and natural so you can get away with a redder cheek.
3. Fav eye product: this would be the Maybelline 24 hour tattoo in the colour 35- on and on bronze this is just really good to apply all other the lid to create a more natural colour or a base and is perfect for when your in a rush in the morning's, I just find in autumn I always am running late because I just don't wanna get out of bed and quick eye-shadow which you can just pop on is Genius
4. Fav lip product: this is the revlon lip butter in the shade 085 sugar plum and this is just a cute berry colour which is perfect for autumn I really want to expand my collection to get more colours for autumn and a lot of just more shades in general for my lips but I'm running out of space...
5. Fav hair product: this is quite diffucult cause i have alot of hairsprays just because i reallly like them and very recently I got this and i love it is the batiste floral and flirty blush dry shampoo it is so good and cheap, it just does what it says and I feel like I would choose this for autumn because you wear your hair down more and you just want to look generally fresh and clean
6. Fav fragrance / candle: my favourite scent is fireside treats from Yankee this is amazing it smells so much like roasted marshmallows and a mixture of fire which sounds kinda weird but trust me its amazing and would be great for like a snug night at home or just if you want that feeling of warmth and happiness and sweet sweet memories (ok I'll stop now) I just really like it
7. nail polish: the nail polish I like is a Tanya burr one in the colour penguin chic this is like a browny grey colour and it is really cute, I am wearing it now and I think its not to dark or wintery however its not summery or spring but it is autumny and I love it (you know its just great)

- Fall Fashion Faves -
1. comfy clothing item: this is my new jumper from new look which I got a few days ago (its new and will change the way i look? Get it) it is a mint greeny colour and is so warm. It is generally for autumn but you can wear it all year round (shhh no one has to know) I just really like knitted jumpers and this is comfy so yeah I love it!

2. shoes: it has to be my fashionable boots from again new look (I actually live in there) this I just suede boots which are perfect for nights out they do have quite big heels so that's a thing but I think they look amazing and they make me taller (seriously yes)

- Fun Favourites -
1. Halloween or Thanksgiving: well I'm British and I'm gonna say thanks giving is like Christmas, so thanks giving defo. I don't really celebrate Halloween even though I really want to and Christmas is just... Do I even have to say any more.
2. Favorite festive food and/or drink: hot! chocolate!
3. What's the happiest part about fall for you: cold walks along a conopy of orange trees with falling leaves. Omg that's so tumbler
4. Who do you tag: Eleanor hurst , Paige Stockdale click there names to be linked to them.

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