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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How to: fishtail

Hi guys so as promised today I am sowing you how to fishtail your hair as featured in my previous blog. This can go 2 ways it can either be a little bit helpful or completely not at all. So let's get on to the first step (be warned I am writing this at 8:30 and to me that's really late considering I go to bed at 9 and get tired really early because I wake up so early)

So the first thing I do is comb my hair to the side and if its a bit greasy spritz in some dry shampoo, I have told you about this so many times you are probably getting really bored of me saying it but yeah.

Then I start by splitting my hair into 3 sections and plait it once to just start it off and make it alot neater. 

Then I split the remaining hair into 2 sections and begin the fishtail
So to fish tail you take a small section of hair from the outside edge of 1 of your 2 sections and bring it over to the inner edge of your other section. (I apologize for the photo being so out of focus and it being such a terrible picture)

Then you just carry on doing that all the way down until you want to finish and using a hair tie, tie the end of the hair? (Please tell me you understand)

And that's it so I hope the pictures make more sense then what I am saying because its really hard to explain without actually showing you (hence why I separated it into another blog) so that's it for today bye!

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