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Sunday, 19 October 2014

My travel bag

Hi guys, so I have just come back from my mums friends house in ledbury, and I thought it was about time I showed you what's in my travel make up bag.

So my makeup bag is just from my local pharmacy for £5.99. I got this quite a while ago and I don't know where you can get this from, its just pink with little Cherry's on and its really big which is great.

So the first items I am going to talk about which are in the make up bag are my skincare. So the first thing I take with me is cotton wool pads, these are from Tesco and i just get whats ever on offer, I use these to apply my cleanser which is the next thing I'm going to talk about and that's just my clean and clear deep cleansing lotion which I think is really good and affordable this is roughly prised at £2.99

The next thing I have in my bag is hair items so I only took two hair sprays obviously I took dry shampoo and this was the batiste floral and flirty blush. This is amazing. I also took the vo5 smoothly does it because I love wearing high pony tails and this just smooths it down? I don't know. Another thing I took was my hair brush, which isn't in the hair one but the skincare one which is really weird.

The next thing is make up, and the eye make up I took was the MUA heaven and earth palette these were only £4 which is incredible! I also took the body shop shimmer cube because there look great for night outs. I took to mascaras although I only used 1. I took the Maybelline colossal go extreme volum' which is waterproof and the mega volume miss manga which I use for my lower lashes but I just didn't use it. The next thing is eye-liner, I used the Barry M waterproof eye-liner for my water line and I also used the loreal Paris super liner perfect slim, again I didn't use it.

The next stuff is lips, I took 3 of the Tanya burr lips which I have recently reviewed. I took heart skipped a beat, champagne toast, and Aurora. I also took 3 of the revelon lip butters in the colours 085 sugar plum, 001 pink truffle, 096 macaroon, these are just perfect everyday lip colours. I also took 2 of the baby lips: peach kiss, hydrate. I also took one of the Ted Baker lip butters but I don't know what the shade is.

The next thing is face products, so firstly I took the baby skin pore eraser this just really helps to control oils and makes my skin look really nice. I took all 3 concealers that I own: Rommel wake me up concealer, and 2 shades of the collection lasting perfection concealers, I just like to blend all of these together to get the right consistency and shade. I also took the sleek face former and I mostly use this as a mirror and at night I use the bronzer. For my cheeks I also took the B. Glowing shimmer brick these are just really good prises I also took the loreal le blush as a natural blush. The last thing I took was the miss sporty pressed powder and again this just helps control oils and makes my skin look beautiful!

So that's it for today I'm not sure if there will be a proper one next Wednesday because something really exciting is happening I will explain more next week, bye!

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