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Sunday, 23 November 2014

How to clear up spots

Hi guys, so recently I have had a horrible breakout in my t-zone mostly on my nose and between my eyebrows, so here are just 5 tips on how to clear your face of those unwelcome spots.

1. Cleanse daily. Now I know this sound crazy but just using a spot cleanser daily is a great way to prevent and get rid of spots. The cleanser i use daily is the clean and clear deep cleansing lotion and this mostly helps to prevent spots but also helps get rid of spots as well. You can use a more expensive cleanser but I just found this works really well as a daily one and also its really cheap.

2. Drink Water. This sounds really obvious but drinking water really helps flush out spots and keep your face clear. Also drinking water has loads of health benefits so if you want to be more healthy start with simply drinking more water. I did some research and some of these health benefits include: balancing of bodily fluids, less wrinkles, weight loss ( when you think your hungry you might actually just be thirsty but you body doesn't realize, therefore you eat less food you don't need, SCIENCE!!!!) It also prevents dizziness and headaches.

3. Relax. One factor of breakouts is stress so just relax, run yourself a bath put the kettle on and chill. This just distresses you and makes you feel a whole lot better as well. When I have a bath I normally use the Zoella bath soak bit if I'm especially feeling down I will use a lush bath bomb.

4. Toothpaste. No I haven't gone mental, if you have especially big spots before you go to sleep but some toothpaste on them and I guarantee that by the morning it the swelling would of gone down resulting in a smaller less noticeable spot.

5. Make up. Now this might sound stupid but make sure you take off your make up at night! Also make sure you use a concealer you know doesn't cause you as much breakouts, for example the Rimmel wake me up concealer causes me to break out how ever I like it so I use it however collection lasting perfection doesn't make me break out as much. Also if you want to get rid of spots quicker don't cover it up just let it breathe and it will run its course but if you cover it up it will be tens time worse.

Hope you enjoyed this blog if you liked it comment down below and I will read those, also if you like this style/ format I will be sure to do it again on maybe like how to be healthier or tips for exercise. So yeah bye and I will write to you very soon. I apologise for the pictures from the internet I didn't have any spare time to take any in nice daylight.

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