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Sunday, 9 November 2014

i'm having a crisis

hi me again, so on Wednesday I tried to post a blog  about bonfire night, however it didn't show up and with continually efforts I cant get it to work i'm not sure why this happened but I have given up. This made me think even though it says I have over 1050 views I never get a response from any of you which I am fine about. But it takes alot of effort to post regularly all the time and I don't get any results. I love doing this but I think my commitment isn't possible to keep up. However my friend has recently started blogging twice a week so you can go check her out if you are sad about the fact I aren't uploading as much and you can view her blog here. Therefore I have decided to not post on a Wednesday, I will still be posting every Sunday so don't think I'm not still posting regularly but instead of an Wednesday sometimes I might to a spontaneous blog some time in the week or when ever I feel like it. Just to spice things up a bit ans lay off the pressure, please tell me what you think and I will be posting very shortly.


  1. This is so true! I run my own blog also so i totally get everything you said here. People don't realize how much time and effort goes into posting and even if its just one or two comments, that reassurance is so nice. I love your blog and hopefully more people will start to understand and appreciate it! Im sure they will soon!

    1. thanks I love yours to its nice to have someone who understands :)