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Sunday, 30 November 2014

November favourites

Hey guys, and welcome to my first ever favourites so I have started to be a lot more organised on my blog and I have pencilled in what I'm doing till 2015 (which sounds cray cray but its not actually that long away) and for ages I have wanted to do favourites but I just never have, so I think I should get started.

1) so my first favourite is going to be beauty related and it is this Ted baker lip butter. Now I got this in a pack of 4 a long time ago and don't know the name of the shade or anything but I really like this. It is berry shades but not too berry and it just has the nicest feel when its on your lips. I expect this to be quite expensive but I don't know how much it is??? However this is my only high end beauty product and I love it but I don't think its worth spending double or even triple the price for it when you can probably get a pretty good dupe from the drugstore.

2) The next favourite is a book that I have been reading called the iron king and this is in the series called the iron fey. OMG I am actually obsessed, it is soooo good and this is the first book in the series you don't even know  how happy that makes me. Basically It follows a young girl called Meghan chase (its american) who no one really remembers but the only person who truly cares about her is her best friend Robbie. Meghan has to venture into the unknown looking for her brother and discovery's secrets that will change her life forever. After a turn of event Meghan has to choose between her best friend and a mysterious, dangerous prince. I'm terrible at explaining books but all you need to know is its beebing brilliant!

3) The next thing is a clothing item, this month I have really been loving knitted jumpers, I love how they look and how bright the colours are. At the moment I'm wearing this greeny-blue which is my favourite colour! (As shown below). I love this because they are warm and cosy but still look nice. They are pretty fashionable at the moment and you can find them just about anywhere.

4) my next favourite is a TV show. So I know this is old but I started to watch lost in the summer holiday but this month I have really got into it. I have just started series 3 and things have got interesting. I don't know what to say about this because I don't want to spoil anything for you and I don't really know what to say about it so just watch it (helpful me)

That's all for today I know I have only done 4 things but I have gone in to detail about them and I don't want this to be to long. I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog remember to leave a comment and i will see you next week. 

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