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Friday, 26 December 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Hi guys, so today I just want to have a little chat with you about my thoughts.
So today in some parts of England it has snowed! This made me think of when i was little.
Because I used to run outside as soon as I saw a slight bit of snow. I would take loads of pictures and have snowball fights with my brother or build a snowman. I used in winter wish every night before I went to sleep for it to snow. Then one day while staring out the window or in mid conversation or walking the dog the first few flakes would begin to fall and it would be like your birthday had come early ( unless it was on your birthday but as mine is in April i highly doubt it.) You would drop everything you were doing and you would shout it from the rooftops. It was snowing!

Everything would be okay, it would be the funest day of your life. You would go sledging. You would build a snowman. You would make snow angels. You could even have a nice hot chocolate in the warmth while watching the flakes fall it would be magical.
But it NEVER was.
You would go out and have a play, then after a day of two you would start to ignore the snow and get on with your life then you would get bored of it and finally you would start wishing for it to go away.
But why?
Why are we always wishing for change, why do we always want more.
Especially with Christmas you wait and wait for that special day all year, then when it comes its never what you expect. We want and we want , always wishing for more, after Christmas its what your going to get for your birthday. I mean its great to have goals and something to strive for and having something in your life to look forward to.
But having a goal that's filled with greed and expectations can't be healthy can it?
And why should we want something so much but when we get it, we straight away want something else? Snow only comes once a year so we should fully appreciate it for the time it is here and just be happy with what we have got because there will be a time when there is no snow and he sun will come out but why spend are life hoping that it will come, why not just enjoy now.
However i know everything had its pros and cons and change is good, but we should focus more on the pros and we should appreciate what we have got whether it is a day in the year or an actually object you can hold its still important and we should appreciate that.
Well that's what i think but I would love to hear your opinion, if any of you reading this has any thoughts i would love to hear them so please leave a comment below, you can even leave it anonymous if you are embarrassed or if it's personal to you. I would just love to hear from you. If anyone is reading this goodbye and I'll have another blog on Sunday, write to you soon.