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Monday, 29 December 2014

What i got for christmas 2014

Hi guys so sorry this is a day late but I don't really have a very good excuse, so I'm just gonna say forgot and then was out all night at a Christmas do and I didn't have a pre written post.

So I have to say a little disclaimer, this is my first post like this and in no way am I bragging and I haven't been sponsored by anyone and what I got was paid for by family members. I love watching or reading other people who blog or vlog about this so know I have said that here is what I got for Christmas!

I got this nail kit from Santa it had 2 big shades and 5 smaller shades. It also had a Nail file and was in a black bag. I am really looking forward to using these as they are really high quality.

Also from father Christmas I got the ultimate edition of the four album and the where we are film. I am excited to listen and watch this film but I don't like one direction as much as I used to but I still like them so I like this.

Most people get lots of chocolate for Christmas and I'm no different I got 2 chocolate oranges; A popping candy one and a normal one. I also got 2 selection boxes; a cadburys one and a galaxy one and a toblerone square thing. Everyone loves chocolate so this was the best gift ever.

I got a whole load of elephant stuff: A calandar, A photo frame, a gadget holder, a construction kit ( my personal favourite might I add) 'jokes'

Little reindeer slippers ( ones called sphen and I'll leave it up to you to name the other one however I don't think you will)

A pen and a rubber, but not just any pen this pen is a pen for paper and a pen for your gadget.

Ok so this is a little stone elephant statue and inside their is a little baby elephant which they have carved using the holes. 

I got these 2 eye shadow pallets from MUA and I love them so much. I really like MUA and I am probably going to invest in more items from them as they are resonabally cheap and ok quality.

I got these 4 crackers from champagneys and these contained 4 different scents of bubble bath. I don't love these scents that much but I still like them and think they would be really nice if you wanted a relaxing bath.

From the No7 cracker I got a mini mascara and eyeliner, these stay on really well and a quite subtle but very buildable and the eyeliner stays on really well even though its not as pigmented as others I have tried its the best one on staying put and not sliding down my face if you know what I mean.

 I GOT A KINDLE!!! (No other words needed)

I got a Dog book and its great.

 I got girl online and it is really good I'm about half way through it and I am generally enjoying it. I am so proud of Zoella and it is as great first book.
I put these together because I got them from the same person. Their is a cute bag with 2 sections which I'm not sure what I'm going to put in them either make up or nail vanish which brings me onto the next thing. I got 4 nail vanishes and a bath kit.

And the last thing I got was 3 pairs of pajarmas and this could be one of my favourite presents. They are a bit big as they are adult sizes but I love them so much.


  1. I get the impression you like elephants, haha. I got lots of cow things for Christmas because I like cows!
    And new pyjamas are a must have for Christmas!

    1. Yes I do and yes pjarmas are Defo a must have.