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Sunday, 25 January 2015

My nail story

Hi guys, so if you have been following me for a while you would know I wear a different nail polish every week. As my most popular post ever is my nails post about which nail vanish I was wearing that week - I decided to do another post like that but on a larger scale. So I thought I would share with you, My 7 week Nail Story!

Week 1
So on the 1st week I decided to wear the Models own eggshell nail varnish in the colour magpie. I had just got this and really wanted to try it. However I restrained myself from buying more than one in the collection as it was £4.99. Which isn't loads but I was at the end of my shopping trip with my friend and I was running out of money! Although I will defiantly be getting more of this collection in the future as I love the colours and the glitter particles just make it a little different to other nail polishes.

Week 2
So my next one I thought I would try something a bit different, so my Nana came down from south Hampton and as she is very glamorous and well kept I thought I would do my nails nicely and well different.
So originally I was going to do them red, white and gold but I completely forgot to paint my index finger white and on my other hand it was I decided to paint over it with red this caused a dark pink colour and I really liked it, so I decided to do a gradient. This was quite hard to get right on both hands but using some pink colours I had- I think it looks pretty cool! the polishes I used was the No7 stay perfect nail colour snow flake 140 and the tanya burr nail polish in riding hood

Week 3
The next one I had was some nail art I personally didn't like this that much but as I got so many compliments it was crazy ( I'm so humble).
So I used the 17 roasted almonds nail polish as I base and then with the 17 nail art pen I did a French style kinda cross but as I applied the top coat it kinda slided around a bit I'm not sure why but it meant the crosses weren't right, so to kinda cover it up I added the Bourjois Paris manicure lazor topping in the colour 38 sun scales. Which I really liked so in the future I might do more simple nude colours with some of these glitter topcoats as it just makes it a bit more exciting with out being too in your face.

Week 4
The next one is my truly Christmas inspired, Christmasy nails. These featured in my December favourites, and I absolutely love it. I really love glitter nails around the festive season and throughout winter, even if they are a pain to get off! However if I were to use them later on in the winter season, I would probably just do the tips glitter or or a feature nail so its not as full on. This was the Rimmel precious stones in the colour 002 ruby crush. I really want to buy more of these as well.

Week 5
So the next nail polish I wore was from my nails inc kit that I got for Christmas. I used the King’s Lane foil polish and the glitter top coat Derby Gate. This just makes my nails look like crushed sweets which is so cool. The top coat has holographic square shaped glitter that when the light hits it, it reflects a spectrum of colours so you have like multi coloured nails and it also has circular holographic glitter in all different sizes to make it more different and unique and it looks amazing and really high quality.

Week 6
I wanted to use more of my nail inc nail polish so I used the nails inc. old bond street, This is just a really rich purely- blue and I love it. However this did chip really easily which is a shame so make sure you wear a good top coat. However I cant wait to try the other colours in this collection, as this wasn't very long lasting I think they would be perfect for a night out or a daytime celebration like a wedding, party or just a day with your friends.

Week 7
so the last week and the one I am wearing now is the Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish in the colour 873 breakfast in bed, I love these so much and highly recommend them, they are affordable, come in an array of colours, look really good and as the name suggests dries really fast, these are out of the Rita Ora collection hopefully I will do a full review of these in a future post. 

So that is all for today I really hope you liked it, if you did i would love it if you could leave a comment below or if you want to be told when I upload follow my blog on blogger or blog lovin', 
Zoe xx


  1. I was that friend!!!!!

    1. yes you were and nice little promo there I like it ;)

  2. I still haven't tried Models Own.. I really need too!! Loved this post
    Emsi xo

    1. Yes, go try it! I love their stuff as they have different looks and textures as well of a load of colours at a low price- really good highly recommend

  3. love this, such pretty colors

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