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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Thursday talks: what is the meaning of life!?

Hi guys, so DISCLAIMER! I'm not going to discuss the meaning of life so don't worry, and I don't want to depress you and this is quite light so hopefully its not to depressing. It's just my thoughts on the subject of philosophy and hopefully you can relate.

I'm really liking having these little series, so as I talk way too much and I have so many thoughts bubbling inside me,I just want to express my feelings some how! My new years resolution this year is to keep a diary. This is mostly just to put all my thoughts down and sort my thoughts out, however on days I want to remember I will just make a note of it at the front and I can go back and find it when I want, so it is kinda a bit of both.
While writing in my diary I wrote an entry RE and philosophy and how depressing and scary it is. As I have already written it down I thought I would share it with you as just an extra bonus!

So after that monster of an intro, lets start with the diary entry!

In R.E we have started philosophy, so we began with thinking about, Does god exist? That was fine, I could deal with that, but then we started discussing these 4 questions: brace yourself.
- Is There Life After Death?
- How Was The World Created?
- Why Is Evil/ Suffering In The World?
- What Is The Meaning Of Life!?

I mean way to depress a 13 year old teen who is just starting their future and picking their options and just generally where they want to go in life! Just to tell them we have no meaning in life. I mean we had a serious in depth discussion about us humans being worthless, and if we are going to die one day way bother, oh and if you all want to die right now it wouldn't matter. But don't worry too much about that cause we are all going to die one day anyway. Well I would like to think I have a meaning in my life and whether that's making headline news or having all the money in the world, inventing a new well invention or just sitting here writing this blog in my bedroom! (I added that bit in) I like to think I am adding something to the world whether that's big small or pretty pointless, every action has a reaction and I like to think mine is big (ish)! Also it really doesn't help that on Spotify I'm listening to 'I dreamed a dream' right now does it! Not joking on my own has just come on as well WTH! Depressing or what?

So those are my thoughts on philosophy , but in all seriousness
This has really got me thinking about embarrassing the world and whether we go to heaven or hell. I don't know but getting my thoughts down and sharing them with a couple of you is my way of making that action.

As I said before this is the first segment in a new series and I would love to continue this and maybe get a bit deeper into some of these questions rather than kinda taking the mic (have I just changed the spelling of a word). I hope I'm making sense I just feel like hopefully some of you can relate to what I'm saying and is a bit of an introduction to philosophy and this little series.

Woah that was a long post, let's breath! If you managed to get this far comment down below ' bananas and apples' (don't ask why, I have no idea, it was the first thing that popped into my mind) and if you would like more in this series I would love to share so comment down below saying 'I want more'

That's all for today and I will be back very soon, bye!


  1. Do you realise that you posted Thursday talks on a Wednesday

    1. Nope, what a great way to start a new series!!!