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Monday, 9 February 2015

I was nominated for the Liebster Award!

Hi guys,
So today i am here to announce i have been nominated for the Liebster award by Itscaitlinsblog. You should go check her out as she has a blog similar to mine, so if you like my blog you would like hers!

So the rules are:
•Link the blog that nominated you for the award
•Answer the eleven questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you 
•Nominate eleven other blogs 
•Create another eleven questions for your nominees to answer
Here are my questions given to me by caitlin.

1. What made you start a blog?
Well to be totally honest I started my blog because I had a passion for beauty and fashion and I love Zoella and all those youtubers, So I thought I would give it ago myself. However I mostly started my blog to improve my English and just practice it more and get more of a flow, so yeah that is why I started a blog. I would really like to start a YouTube channel but I don't think anyone would watch it and I have no idea what I would say and I think it would be really embarrassing- who would enjoy just watching me!
2. Do you like the town/city you live in?
Yes I do, I live in a small village so there is a really nice village vibe to it however I REALLY want to live in Brighton that would actually be the best thing ever!!! I don't think it will ever happen though as house prices are soooo expensive in Brighton so I probably will never be able to afford it.
3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully in Brighton! In 10 years I will be 23 nearly 24, so hopefully I will have been uni and have a job, but to be totally honest I don't even now which options to take for my GSHEs (is that how you spell it?) So in 10 years i have no idea and that's like nearly my whole life so far!
4. What would you say you are good at?
I'm not really good at anything, without sounding to big headed I think I'm okay at pretty much everything but I don't stand out in any subjects. I'm terrible at art, PE and english though.
5. What do you value most in life?
Money! You can't get anywhere in life without money. Is that really shallow, I feel like I should of said love or family but I'm not gonna lie so MONEY!
6. What is your mood right now?
I'm happy I guess and I'm in a bit of a strange mood after my money outburst before!
7. what would your words of advice be for a new blogger?
I'm fairly new to blogger, i have had a blog for 10 months but I think my advise would be just stick to it and keep uploading because the more you upload the more viewers you will get. This might sound harsh but don't expect anything, everyone has had the thought that they could be the next Essie button or Tanya burr, but let's face it your probably not going to and you shouldn't want to be, it should be about enjoying having a blog not to become famous. Maybe one day you will be but it has taken these people years to get to where they are so don't get your hopes up and don't expect to much. I feel so mean right now but I hope you understand what I mean.
8. If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be? 
I would love to live somewhere like new York or Tokyo however I think I would get really stressed out living in such a big city so again Brighton, I just love it so much.
9. Where is your favourite place that you have been on holiday?
You have probably guessed it BRIGHTON! We go there basically every year at summer and it's just so nice. However I really liked Kefelonia, Greece. It was so cool it was actually my dream holiday, we basically lived in luxury all holiday and just relaxed.
10.What is your dream job
To be an actor, every time I watch anything on TV it makes me want to be one more and more but I'm never going to be one as it takes money and connections and I have neither. However I would love to be a youtuber but again not gonna happen :(
11.Who would you say is your style icon?
I really love Zoella style and most things she likes I like, but I don't know I don't really have one.

So those are the questions I got asked but now is the hard bit, I now have to make up my own questions!
1) who is your favourite youtuber?
2) If you could be in divergiant, which faction would you be in.
3) if you were on a dessert island what 5 people would you bring (you tubers, celebrities and anyone you want really.)
4) when your older where in the world do you want to live?
5) who is your OTP?
6) If you could own any technology in the world what would you own?
7) If you could own a shopping line which shop would you own?
8) what Disney character do you think personality wise best suits you?
9)  How long have you had your blog and how long do you think you will carry on your blog?
10) what inspired you to start a blog? (kinda stole that one)
11) If you could be the best at something in the world, what would you be the best at?

The people I nominate are:
( Go check these out they are amazing and my personal friends)
Paige Stockdale:
Anonoymous blog:
They were the only blog I could find so sorry I haven't nominated 11 people.

So that's all, I actually really enjoyed writing this post so I hope you liked it, I would love to do more tags in the future! I just really like answering question, so if you would be interested in that, leave a comment below!
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  1. It's GCSE's at least get the letters right gosh!

  2. Yay!! Congrats! Great blog!

  3. Love the answers to the questions :)