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Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Favourites

Hi guys, so this is gonna be more a non-beauty post as my beauty favourites are very similar to last months. However after all your lovely feedback on my last favourites I thought I HAD to do another!

So my first beauty favourite is something I have had/ loved for a while but I don't think I have ever mentioned it on my blog before! A while ago people were raving about it this product, but recently no one ever mentions it. This is the Loreal Paris super liner perfect slim in the colour intense black. I have been really liking doing a kinda cat eye flick. I love doing this I just think it looks so cool and intricate and a bit different to my every day make up. As I have brown eyes I think lining them in black really brings out the colour and makes my eyes kinda dark which I really like. The product itself has a felt tip nib which you can just lie along the lop of your eye to get a really straight line and then use the small nib to create a very precise flick, if you know what I mean.

So the next and last beauty product (told you I didn't have a lot) is the MUA eye-shadow in undressed. So I got this for Christmas and I have 3 others of these and love them because they are only £4 and so nice. I really like this on for evening looks as it is more dark colours and more pinks/ rose gold colours and there are 2 dark blue colours. I don't normally wear coloured eye shadows because i think it makes me look a bit tarty. I would love to do a review of the mua eye shadow pallets is that is something you would like me to do in the future.

The next thing I am loving is a TV show, and that is Revolution! This is actually amazing I started watching this a while ago and I got to episode 3 and gave up I didn't really connect or like it that much but I have recently had an operation (nothing serious and I'm fine now) but while in recovery I was really bored so I thought I would start watching this again and I watched the whole of season 1 in 4 days! I know that's bad but I love it! That's 20 episodes each 40 minutes long, 13 hours, oops. The main plot in season 1 is about a girl who brother gets kidnapped and her going on this quest to save him. It is more action than romance but does have a little romance in there, but like all TV shows there is a twist the world she lives in isn't just your everyday world its a world where the power goes out so everything is a bit crazy!

This month I have been loving the pantene 2 in 1 clasic clean shampoo and it is just so soft and freash. It smells so clean and fresh. Is's very light weight and lavas up really well which is an added bonus. Even thought is says it is a shampoo and conditioner I don't think it conditions that well so I do also use the vo5 smoothly does it conditioner on my the tips of my hair because they get really dry but the top gets really greasy so this just balances out the oils.

The food/drink I have been loving is the nestle nesquik in the flavour strawberry. This is amazing I had this because of my operation (like I mentioned before) and this is meant to be really healthy as it has good stuff like vitamins and minerals, but I think its quite sugary but that's probably why it tastes so good. Your meant to use like 3 tsp of milkshake powder stuff but I use 1 tsp as it is very surgery and I have like 3 glasses a day so I have like alot more than your meant to so that's why I do have less. So instead of milkshake when you add 1tsp its more flavoured milk than milkshake but like its amazing. Personally i think when your having milk you have that weird taste that I don't like this just neutralises it (if that's the right word) so it gets rid of that taste- I don't think I'm making sense but basically its amazing so go try it!

So that's it I hope you liked it, I would love to hear your favourites in the comments so go do that. You can follow me on social media: Google +, twitter ( @zoesherlockblog) and blog lovin'. like this post on Google + if you liked it and i will be back very soon.


  1. OMG... I love the L'Oréal paris super liner perfect slim intense eyeliner. It is by far one of my faves. None of my friends really like it that much and I don't see why as i find it really easy to apply and it lasts for the whole day. I think my friends are just really weird.