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Monday, 9 February 2015

My everyday make up: Eyes

Hi guys, so I am doing 'My Everyday Make Up Routine' with you today I am so excited to do this as I love watching these type of videos on YouTube and reading them on blogger. I am splitting this post into two parts: Eyes and face. So today is the Eyes part!

So the first thing I do is apply liquid eye shadow. I use liquid eye shadow as it is quick and easy to apply, which is perfect for school so you can spend more time in bed and less time doing your make up. The liquid eye shadow I use is the Maybelline 24 hr colour tattoo in the colour on and on bronze. I love this and will probably be doing a review of this in the future so look at for that! These are best applied using less as it apply's smoother and not cakey- less is more that's what I always say!

The next thing I do is eyeliner. I hate how I look without eyeliner on my water line I think it makes me look tired and undone if you know what I mean. However I am still trying to figure out how to keep it from running, online I have found a lot of people saying that if you put eye shadow over the eye liner it seals it and stops it from running, it doesn't maybe I just have bad eye shadow but I don't think it works at all actually I think it makes it worse. So if I think I look especially bad I use the No7 amazing eye liner in the colour 05 black as this is the best non- running eye liner I have found. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

If I don't use eyeliner, which is most days as it runs to much, I will probably always use mascara on the bottom and I use the loreal Paris miss manga in the colour black. I will also use this on the top as well as it looks better using the same mascara as the different mascaras I have different property's, if that makes sense. However if I am wearing eyeliner I will use the Maybelline colossal volume mascara waterproof in the colour ultra black. I mostly concentrate this at the roots to apply more volume and make my lashes look thicker, if you want I will explain more in a future post. Sometimes I just use the mascara on the top lashes and don't use eyeliner but then I think I look really bare.

That is all I do in my everyday eye make up routine, its quite simple and really quick to do and I really like it. If you have any suggestions for what future posts you would like me to do then leave them below. If you liked this like it my clicking the +1 button at the top of the page and follow me on blog lovin' or blogger to be told when I upload. There's so much for you to do!!!!! Go do it now! I mean you don't have to but... DO IT!
Okay so that's all from me today if you couldn't tell I'm in a really strange mood, not to sure what just happened, so yeah have a lovely day, bye

Zoe xx

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