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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Random question tag!?

Hi guys, so today I felt like writing a post and I really liked doing the Tmi tag so I thought I would do another tag, so this is the random question tag.
1. Thing you cant leave the house without. 
Lip balm defiantly, to be totally honest I can live without my phone but lip balm I can't function with out it (ok bit extreme but you get what I mean)
2. Favorite brand of makeup 
Maybelline is probably my favourite because I have the most stuff by that brand however I have just ordered some stuff from nyx and I absolutely love it! I will do a haul for that soon if you would like!
3. Favorite flowers. 
I love traditional roses just the idea of receiving a rose on valentines day and all that lovey dovey stuff ( but that won't happen for alooooong time!) I also really like the smell but I love this air plant I have in bedroom its very exotic and just a lovely feature.

4. Favorite clothing store 
New look, without a doubt I out of the clothes I own probably a good 70-90 % is from new look. I am obsessed I love the quality and prise! I just feel like new look is just my style there is so much stuff I love there its just incredible.
5. Favorite perfume 
I really like the body shop natural collection is the scent strawberry this is just so fun and fruity and perfect for the younger generation but they have discontinued the collection so out of what is still around the estee laude in the scent pleasure, I have a tester of this and its actually amazing.
6. Heels of flats 
Both but if I had to choose flats.
7. Do you make good grades 
I'm guessing there talking about at school and I guess I do okay but I'm not like top of the class or anything.
8. Favorite colors 
Purple, blue and like fun bright colours. I just like colour!
9. Do you drink energy drinks 
Not really but I do sometimes drink powerade if I'm going up or mountain or something.
10. Do you drink juice 
Yes all the time- I love it! I try to restrict myself though all that sugar.
11. Do you like swimming 
Yes but I'm not very good I love going swimming on holiday or just generally being in the water.
12. Do you eat fries with a fork 
In england we call them chips and yes I do.
13. Whats your favorite moisturizer 
Nivia soft because it as the name suggests makes your skin really soft and silky but it doesn't have anti-ageing cream.
14. Do you want to get married later on in life 
No not really unless I find you know true love and all that I don't know I would rather be independent and to me marriage just sounds like hard work.
15. Do you get mad easily 
I don't think so I can definitely have a temper when I'm moody (classic teenager) but I'm not too bad.
16. Are you into ghost hunting 
No not really, not saying I don't believe that ghosts could exist but I guess I need proof. I am open to believe anything but I don't think they exist.
17. Any phobias 
Small spaces, being in like a crowd of people and maybe a tiny one of spiders, they just give me the creeps.
18. Do you bite your nails 
Not really unless I am really nervous or scared, you know that kind of thing.
19. Have you ever had a near death experience 
When I was born I didn't have any blood in me and wasn't breathing for 2 hours but I ended up being fine (ish).
20. Do you drink coffee 
Not really I went on a 28 hour journey to Barcelona with school and had coffee then and I really liked it but I'm more of a tea person, tea just tastes like everything you want coffee to taste like but better. I have always loved the idea of coffee a drink that keeps you awake and energised but I just prefer tea.
21. Do you think the world will end in 2012?
Well its 2015 but if time travel is invented yes it can still end in 2012.


  1. I love the layout of your blog is beautiful!! I've nominated you for the liebster award. All the information you need is over on my post :) make sure to come over and leave a comment telling me that you have done it, so that I can check Your post out xx

    1. Omg thank you so much- that's so cool. thanks again!

      Zoe xx