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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Shopping Haul part1: Make Up.

Hi guys so this is my first ever haul!!!! DISCLAIMER: I know everyone does this but here we go. I am not bragging in anyway I brought all these things my self and I know that what I have brought I don't really need but I like it so yeah.

So after that little disclaimer let's start with the haul!
I know this first one isn't make up but I had to add it in somewhere so....
The first shop I went into was a little old fashioned sweet shop which sells old fashioned sweets (I know shock horror) but it also sells american candy. So this is where I buy all my nerds, I love nerds so much and don't go into town that much so this time I stocked up and brought every flavour they had! I realise how I sound writing this, I know I'm obsessed! These where each £1.49 and I love them.

The next place I went to was Super drug so I got a couple of things from here as I love make-up.
I have been wanting a waterproof mascara for a while now and I had the Maybelline colossal mascara and I went through a phase of loving this sooo much but I didn't feel like it was that lengthening and it didn't apply very easily to my bottom lashes as the wand was so big and fat.
So I decided to pick up the Revlon lash potion volume and length mascara in the shade 003 blackened brown (AKA Black), I am someone who gets really sucked into buying something by the packaging, I know your not meant to judge a book my it's cover and all that but if you have tacky packaging I automatically assume that the product is tacky to, is that just me? However luckily this has AMAZING packaging. Its really colourful and looks really nice and slick, and the lids metallic pink too! What more could you want! I now use this every day it's amazing it really does what it says on the packaging and it has lash growth properties so hopefully with a bit of luck it will make my lashes thicker and longer (fingers crossed.)

The next thing I got from Super drug was the Maybelline Dr rescue baby lips in the shade Just peachy. I got the clear one last week and really liked it so I wanted to try a coloured one. However I really don't like it, it doesn't suit me what so ever, but that's not to say it wouldn't suit a fair skinned blonde or brunette but it definitely doesn't suit me. It also leaves a really chalky texture on my lips it really wasn't a very good buy- however it smells pepper-minty so that's all good. If you like peppermint you probably gonna like this.

The next two items I got from Super drug were nail polishes, the first one was the Models own eggshell nail polish in the colour swan. These are so good. I already had the nail polish in the shade Magpie which is this bright greeny colour and as I loved it so much I had to get some more! These were £4.99 which is quite expensive buy they are 14ml so you get a lot in each bottle.

The next nail polish I got was also from models own and this was from a range I had never heard of before which is the sweet shop collection, these are just a range based on old fashioned sweets for example the one I got was fizzy cola bottles. These are meant to be scented but I haven't tried them yet so I'm not sure how scented they are but I'm pretty sure your not meant to smell nail polish so I'll update you on these when I try them! These were also £4.99

From new look I got a Montagne Jeunesse passion peel off face mask. I love these as they smell so good and feel amazing on your skin. They are just a go to easy face mask and they are mega cheap, 99p to be exact!!! I have nothing bad to say about this apart from they are a bit of hassle to get off, but I never realised they were peel off, stupid I know if I just read the name I would of known. I would normally take them off with a flannel and then that would get all over it and I would have to wash it so that's a bit annoying so the next time I use these I will be sure to 'peel them' off.

After I went on my shopping day I went on a food shop to Tesco and while I was there I went and got more make up! So from Tesco I got the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade 15. I have really bad under eye circles and no concealer seems to cover them up and I have been experimenting with a couple of concealers but they are just so expensive, if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments below! This was actually okay, it was quite liquidly but also quite thick. Its great for brightening but doesn't hide my under eye circles which is what I want, so its a good concealer but doesn't do my preference which is sad.

That's it from the make up section next week I will have another post on what cloths I brought, if you like this post go like it on Google +, leave a comment below or get in touch with me on social media all my contacts are on the 'contact me' page above.

Zoe xx


  1. looks like you got a lot of good stuff, the mascara looks nice!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  2. Ikr! But that's just the make up i got aload of cloths to but that's next week.

  3. this haul is lovely! I have followed you so would you mind the follow back and to check out my latest? ty
    ~basicallychloe x