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Thursday, 5 March 2015

February Favourites

Hi guys, so it is that time again for me to do another favourites! Just a side note- I was looking on the board in history (as you do) and I noticed the date said something along the lines of 25th February, your probably really confused right now bout why that's odd but when I looked back through my book, and all my other books, I had  realised I always wrote the date as Febuary not February. So for the whole month of my February I spelt the date wrong! Just thought that was quite funny and I should share that with you there. Anyway after that little story lets get on with the blog.

My first favourite is my kindle. I have the kindle paper white and I got this for Christmas. When I got this I wasn't expecting it and didn't think at the time I really needed but I couldn't have been any-more wrong so if you have a bit of extra cash lying round than seriously invest in one. Its actually perfect for day time as you don't have glare of the sun and at night time as the LED's around it shining onto it means you don't need a light, but you don't damage your eyes like you would with a tablet or phone. You  also don't have the trouble of your shoulders getting cold because you can't go all the way under the covers as you need the light. Also omg the battery life! No exaggeration i have charged my kindle twice since i got it (2 months) and I haven't turned it off once and i use it loads however i did charge it the other week so it should last like another 2 months.
At the moment I am reading 'If I Stay' its really good but its not my favourite book like i wouldn't mind if I didn't read it but it has a really strong plot and I feel like the film will be amazing.

My next favourite is actually from the you tubers make up line Tanya burr. This is one of her lip glosses and it's in the shade 'heart skipped a beat'. This is just a bright shiny red and for some reason I have just started wearing this around the house. It is definitely not a 'around the house' shade but I just love how I look with it and it's too bright to wear to school so I wear it when no ones about. That sounds really weird and wasteful but I'm gonna be totally honest with you. I also wear it out sometimes so people do see me in it.

The next thing I have been loving is the Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo leather effect in the colour creamy beige 98. I have actually been wearing this everyday for like the past month it is so nice. It is very natural and if you have brown eyes it just make your eyes stand out more and its kinda matte and doesn't have very much shimmer which just makes  it even more natural.

The next thing is a Yankee candle in the scent midnight jasmine, I have loving this scent recently it is a kinda clean subtle floral scent but it doesn't smell granny like which is what I'm really worried about my house/room smelling like because I don't wanna smell like a granny (not hating on granny's, granny's are
 awesome.) These are quite pricey but they last along I have lot this candle so much and its not even 1/6 finished. So you get you get what you spend.

The final thing I have been loving this month is snoods these are actually amazing. I have been living in these over my coat or over like a black crop top. They just look so cute and keep you so warm. I actually love them! I have two of these, a dark blue one which has like sequins embedded into it which adds abit of sparkle and a plain white one which was featured in my last post.

So that's it from me, I didn't have that many favourites this month I have mostly been loving the same products from last month, but I looked having less it meant I went into more detail. If you liked this then like, share and comment down below! Bye!

Zoe xx


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    1. We have ordered it on love film so hopefully I can watch it soon! Finished the book last night

  2. Hi Zoe! I know this is a BIG thing to ask and you really don't have to if you don't want but if you would like I would be willing to design a header for your blog. If you do want me to make one just reply to this saying what you would like on it! Xxx

    1. Hello miss internet,
      I think that is a lovely idea and i am so flattered that you asked- i cant believe anyone would want to do that for me! If you need ro contact me about anything all my details are on the contact me page which you can find next to the home buttons- im sure i will love whatever you produce

    2. Ok I shall make it very soon

  3. check your inbox! I sent it there

  4. Oh wow that was quick, I'm sorry to be a hassle but it doesn't seemed to have sent. Do you mind sending it again? :)