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Sunday, 22 March 2015

French Exchange Pics!!!

hi guys,

so you may or may not know I went on a French exchange last week. It was really odd staying in someone else's house and very scary! However it was a really fun and interesting experience. I went Wednesday- Wednesday and this is a short summery of what i got up to (and some pics)

Wednesday- travelling all day took a plane Manchester- Paris then took a couch for a 3 1/2 hour journey to where my host family lives got there at 9.30 p.m.

Thursday- spent all day at the school doing various workshops

Friday- visited the local lake and did water sports all day.

Saturday- was with host families for the weekend went daffodil picking in the great outdoors (don't ask) and then visited a town near by (well an hour away) and went to a little museum there. then we went to this fair thing and maccies for tea.

Sunday- at 3.00 went to a local town and walked round then came home.

Monday- spent the day at the national park learning about ponds and stuff.

Tuesday- Did various workshops at the school again

Wednesday-  Spent 2 lessons with partners then travelled home!

french exchange partners pets.

pretty sunset at french persons home

The school

Trip to the national park

French alpacas in the street.

weird fair thing.

spiral staircase in museum.

River seine with Eiffel tower in the distance and paris rugby stadium. (view from coach)

Paris Airport.

View from aeroplane.


So that's my trip I also took some photos on my camera which will be a lot better so I will show you them later. Just thought some of you might of been interested in what I got up to and this is it!
Zoe xx


  1. Pictures are great mate, white rectangles are so interesting!

  2. Im sorry for any errors on my post- I cant see a problem! I have no idea what the problem is I will reupload it tonight to help any problems as I need to get on my computer and I don't have time cos I need to go school.

  3. Hi it sounds amazing! I've been to France and it's fabulous! Don't worry about the photos, I can't see them but things happen. It's happened to me before. Blogger can be such a pain! Just don't panic, they'll show up with a bit of tweaking! xoxo

  4. Okay thanks- do you know how to get them to work?

    1. I think what you have to do is take them all down and out them back up. Try google. It's the best way for everything!

  5. No need for Google, just a clever father ...

  6. Replies
    1. thanks at least they're not white rectangles anymore

  7. you should check your inbox like NOW! I've sent your header

    1. its still not shown up, i thought i would give it a while so i didn't keep hassling you but not its not there