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Sunday, 8 March 2015

ootw: winter edition.

Hi guys,
I really wanted to do a kinda look book for you however I found this extremely difficult to do by myself so I decided to do something similar which is my ootw. I'm not sure if this is a thing but I got it from the ootd so I thought I would do a longer version ootw.


The first outfit is this "woollen look". I called it this as it consists of a woollen jumper from gap and woollen socks from M&S. I am really liking the knit wear trend at the moment- I just think its so cute. I  also think the beige jumper contrasts really nicely with black leggings and because it's tight fitting jumper I think jeans would look to bulky and out of place. I also wore these most adorable knee length socks.


This second outfit is quite simple and more of a comfy outfit then a dressy one. It's just this simple long sleeved tee with some skinny jeans from next. It was quite cold so I wore this turquoise jumper from new look. I love this as its so cosy and practical, which is the most important thing. Its also knit wear which I love.


Today I decided to wear my black long sleeved crop top from new look and my light denim jeggings from next, If you didn't know what jeggings are they are a cross between leggings and jeans. They are super comfy and basically really skinny skinny jeans. I wore my coat over this however I don't have a photo of that but I do have a photo of the snood I wore, which was my dark blue one this was featured in my latest post.


On Thursdays I go to my  local youth club with some of my friends so I tend to wear a bit more make up and trendy outfits. This week I opted for a white crop top with black stripes from new look and some leggings, this is quite simple but I think it looks really cute. I normally for some reason wear liquid eye-liner as well which is really strange as it is the only time I wear it.


This outfit is a lot more dressy than all the other outfits as I went out for my brothers birthday meal. It was quite a cold evening so I didn't want to wear a dress. I decided on wearing some black leggings with this flowy black top to create a dress effect even though it is just a top, this was from new look. I then topped this off with a pair of suede laced up beige boots these are also are high heels so they make me look slimmer and taller and I think they are just gorgeous-  these are also from new look. I added an stone angel pendent with a gold chain to make the outfit look more complete. I think the key part of this outfit is the make up


So today I decided to wear my white long sleeved crop top from new look with my tattern shirt over the top and some washed out skinny jeans. I really like this I think it looks really country girl and cute. It also keeps you really warm and if you get to hot you can take it off and tie it round your waist if you get to cold you can pop it on- its perfect!


Sundays are just my chill day- I never normally do a lot I just do odd stuff I need to do and either watch american TV or you-tube all day. So I wear my comfiest cloths, Big baggy jumpers and jeans. Today I wore my mohair woollen jumper from gap and a pair of skinny jeans from next.

So that's all from this post, I hope you enjoyed this different style. Next week I am going on a French exchange so I might not be able to upload! However there will be a post coming soon with all the pics. If you enjoyed this comment, like and share and I will write to you very soon

Zoe xx


  1. Thanks i think its my most thought out outfit :)

    1. I can't tell you thought it out! I just want to say you are very pretty and I really like your outfits

    2. I mean I CAN tell you thought it out! Damn typos

    3. Aww thanks im glad you like my style, and your very kind but im not pretty lol

  2. Love this, such cute outfits

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