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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Shopping Haul Part 2: Clothes

Hi guys, so this is the second part of my haul and this is the clothes part! Be warned I got a lot of socks.

So the first shop I went into was gap- I would never think to go into this shop but my mum wanted to and there was a sale on so why not! I actually found some pretty good deals on some really high quality jumpers. The first one was this beige wool one its really nice and feels really high quality and its wool! So its more dirt resistance so you don't have to wash it as much. It also has some really nice detailing along the front which is so pretty. It also is quite tight fitting and stretchy which I love as its shows of your figure and this was reduced from £47 to £9.99.

I also got this jumper from gap, This is mohair jumper which is mega high quality and mega expensive so I cant believe I have one, its in this snow white colour and its so soft and cosy. Unlike the other jumper this is quite baggy which is fine but if you're less confident about your figure or feel maybe a bit uncomfortable about your figure then this is great for you. I think this was £14.99 but i don't know what it was reduced from, sorry!

Also from gap I got a snood. I had one already and I really liked it so when I saw this one I knew I had to get it! This is basically the same colour as the jumper so it is a really pure white-snowy colour similar to the other colour (they are basically the same). I love the length of this and its so warm as it's wool again.

The next item I got was From M&S, which were these bed socks- I don't own any of these and as its winter at the moment, and I seem to always have cold feet, I thought I would buy them. I got these in 2 colours a sort of grey knit wear colour and a grey and white stripes one. I have actually worn the grey and white striped one every night since I got them, they are amazing.

The next items I got were these socks from new look- they are so comfy and warm and I actually love them. I already had a couple of these and I wanted some more as they are amazing and so cute, especially the frills! I love them! They also come in a great colour range.

Also from M&S I got 2 pairs of knee high socks, I got a black one and a grey one. I think these look really cute over tights and leggings. They also keep you mega warm but I have no idea what shoes to wear other them- any ideas leave them in the comments below!

From new look I got this black and white striped crop top. I really like this cos its very simple and I love the netting panel  across the front as it adds detail and make the top more interesting, It's not revealing in anyway though and it fits so you don't see anything you don't want to show, if you get what I mean. My one problem with this top is the fabric, it is really gross and feels horrible on your skin. It feels really bad quality- its really scratchy and ugh, so that makes me sad but I liked the design so much I got it anyway, it was also relatively cheap if I remember right.

So that's it from the clothing haul. Did any of you noticed how much I said mega in this post, I hardly ever say mega. I guess its just a mega day, comment 'It's a mega day' below if you did notice. Like, comment and share if you liked this and I will write to you shortly for another post! Also Happy St. David's Day!

Zoe xx


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