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Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Dream Tag.

Hi guys,

I felt like writing a chatty, casual post today which will hopefully help you get to know me a little bit better. so today I am doing the dream tag.

1. What are you currently day dreaming about?
My Room- I am currently completely reorganising my room as I am just not happy with it, I am also getting a new bed as the bed I have I have had since I was like 6 and it's this bunk bed which is just not practicable so I thought it was time for a more normal bed- basically long story short I am day dreaming about what my room will look like once I am finished.

2. What 3 items would be in your dream wardrobe?
The first item would definitely be a really nice, expensive leather jacket. I have wanted a leather jacket for a long time as they just look so stylish and go with basically everything. The next item would be a nice mulberry bag these are just amazing and how cool would it be for some one to say "oh I like your bag where's it from" and you can just be like "mulberry" omg how cool! The next item would be a cashmere jumper as it is so posh and amazingly soft and cosy and I would just live in it.

3. Who's your dream celeb look a like?
I'm not to sure what this means but I think it means what celeb you would want to look like so the celeb I would want to look like would either be Ariande Grande or Selena Gomez they are both so pretty and cute so yeah I would like to look like them or Samantha Barks if I could also sing like her cos she is amaaaaazing.

4.  In my eyes who is currently living the dream?
I just want to say you are perfect the way you are and if you are happy then you are living the dream and if your not do more to make you happy but the perople I think are living the dream are YouTubers their job just looks so fun and I would love to have a YouTube channel and have all the feedback from fans and all the opportunities they have and I just love everything about them and they probably have the best job ever.

5. What do you dream of more: love or money.
Probably money especially at my age I don't care about love at all. My child self would always say money but my teen self who watches all these movies and TV shows about love is warming to the idea- but oh I do love money so my love would be to money.

6. Where is your dream holiday escape?

I really don't know! I would love to go to America as it is gorgeous and I love american accents so that would just make me so happy and I think I would buy everything there as there are different shops than in the UK and I really want to try american food. I think I would want to go LA or New York. However any tropical island- Greek islands, Hawaii, Caribbean but I think overall my dream vacation would be to go on a safari in Africa.

7. Who is your dream youtube collab? 

I don't have a YouTube channel but lets pretend I do; my dream collab would be zoella- I love her so much but it might be a bit strange as we are both called zoe but in all seriousness anyone really I think it sounds really fun.

8. Did your childhood dreams ever come true?

I am still a child but I was never I child who really dreamt of one thing that much I kinda changed my mind like every month. I can't think of anything I really wanted- I guess a computer which I have but no not really big childhood dreams like being an actor or owning my own buisness but there's still plenty of time!

9.Iif one of your dreams came true right now what would it be?

I would probably say for my blog to be successful and/or to be like biggish on YouTube. Not for the fame just it would be really cool and fun but lets face it that's never gonna happen.

So on that note that is the end of this post. I'm sorry it was just a simple post today but I got back from France and Wednesday and I have had a busy weekend- Hope you enjoyed the post like, comment and share if you liked this and that is all, Bye!

Zoe xx 


  1. I want to go to America as well! Lovely post! I think you're pretty and I reckon you look a bit like Selena Gomez!

    Lots of love Miss Internet xoxo

    P.S. #dreaming

  2. Awww thanks but I don't! How cool would it be to go to america!