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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Come along with me: Exbury Gardens!

Hi guys,
So the other day I went to go visit my Nana in Southampton and I thought I would share with you what I got up to!
While I was there we went to Exbury Gardens- which is a big garden in Southampton even though it was the wrong time to visit the gardens they were still really pretty and thought I would share with you my photos.

There was a beautiful swan in one of the lakes but it didn't have a partner which was sad.

There was also a cute pheasant strolling the gardens. 

We had Afternoon tea there and it was soooooo nice (but very,very expensive)
I had a Viennese whirl, croissant, egg, cress and mayo sandwich and a Hot chocolate it was delicious!

It was a really nice family day and here are us all!

There was a lake with Lots of fish and they were close enough to stroke! I have never stroked a fish before and expected it to be really slimy but it wasn't it was like wet silk!

There was this big house in the grounds where a family actually live!

The scenery was sooooo nice!

This was my favourite plant its so nice and vibrant.

Of course there was a lot of flowers!

Also there was a lot of trees!

We also all sat on the famous Mrs Lionels seat (supposedly famous)

That's all the photos I took I hope you liked this post as always like,comment and share and I will be back with another post very soon (Tomorrow even)

Zoe xx