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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!!!

Hi guys,
so today it is Easter Sunday so I thought I would do a Easter themed post!
Today for Easter I did 3 things and I thought those I would share with you. Also when I was taking these photos my dog was being adorable so I thought I would share those photos with you (her name's Mindy)

The first thing I did was my nails:
I did my nails as little chicks, they don't really look like chicks and are really bad so don't judge. I used yellow nail polish from Primark as a base and I then put a gold nail polish on top so that the yellow shines through but it also gives a more professional look. I don't know why but I just think gold looks really professional and expensive and yellow is quite tacky so I combined the two to get the best of both and chicks are yellow not gold! Then using a black nail art pen I did two dots and a triangle for the chicks face and then went over that beak shape in orange as chicks have orange beaks. However if you were repeating these I wouldn't use black under the orange I would just go straight to orange.

The second activity I did was making Easter nests. You probably already know how to make these but I'm going to tell you anyway. To make these I used chocolate, shredded wheat and mini eggs however they had sold out of mini eggs so I used little chocolate eggs instead! First I melted the chocolate in a and added the shredded wheat to make the mixture. I then spooned this out into paper cases and I added 2 mini eggs on the top but then I realised you cant put tinfoil in the fridge so I took the foil off and i put them in the fridge for 2 hours. These are just so easy and quick to make and taste really good. For a more healthier option you can use yoghurt and sprinkle some seeds or fruit on top but I prefer the chocolate ones! I will show you the whole recipe with photos tomorrow in another post!

The third and last activity I did was painting Easter eggs, My mum found some plastic eggs in our craft draw and I decided to paint them and hang them up. To make them as happy as possible I used lots of bright colours and different patterns i thought these would be quite quick to make but they weren't they took for ever so you need to have some patience and a good TV show on in the background (pretty little liars). I thought these looked really cute and would be a nice activity to do with younger children and could be a cute tradition. I hung them up on a small tree we have in our back garden and went photo mad!

So that's all for today's post I hope you all have a lovely Easter and I will see you again tomorrow for another post! Like, comment and share like always and I will post again very soon, bye!
p.s I hope you like my dog who has some how worked her way into some pics!
Zoe xx

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