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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Bucket List Tag

Hi guys,

So I was tagged by Miss Internet to do the summer bucket list tag. I've never heard of this tag and didn't know whait involves so after some research I found out that you have to come up with 15 ideas or things you want to achieve/do this summer.

I feel like winter has just ended and I haven't even thought about summer so I'm not too sure what I'm going to write. This could be great or it could be a whole load of nothing as I'm just making it up as I go along!

1. Stop Being Lazy

I don't know about any of you but in the summer holidays I normally crawl into this ball of laziness and spend all day in bed, or spend days on end watching American TV. I stay in my pyjamas and eat junk food which makes me feel so ill but I still do it and if I think about it that doesn't make me happy at all and I don't want to be that person who watches their favourite TV show over and over again or spends their life watching Netflix or Amazon instant or someone who spends their whole life on the internet and my aim/ my point is that I am going to try and stop doing that and whether it's big or  small I am going to try and do one positive thing a day.  Whether that's simply getting changed or getting out of bed an hour earlier I am going to try and escape my ball of laziness this summer.

2. Interesting Nail Art

This may sound silly but if I'm not in school and the rules aren't strict so I have the time I want to focus on experimenting with my nails and making them look as fabulous as I possibly can so that's really all I have to say. Basically this summer I am going to make my nails into works of art!

3. YouTube?

This isn't the first time I have brought this up and I have been thinking about this a long time but I would love to start a YouTube channel though admit I'm petrified of what people will think (on the internet and in school) and that I won't be very good at it or that people think I will be doing it for the wrong reasons as it is so different to blogging - you have never seen me move you have just seen a still image and you haven't heard me talk and I feel like it is so different but yeah I would love to do that. One day I will pluck up enough courage to do it, hopefully!

4. Blog more!

I love blogging so much and over the summer I want to blog twice a week instead of just the one as I won't be in school and it would give me something to do - a goal to achieve, so hopefully you will have a lot more blogs from me over the summer hols!

5. Focus of the week

This is going to sound really weird but in school we have something called the 'focus of the month' where every month they focus on something to make the school better, and last summer I did something different where I assigned a task to every week of the summer to make sure I was doing stuff and not going back to that ball of laziness, and I have to say it worked so I am going to do that again this year!

6.  Visiting Family 

Everyone who has a family does it and I am no exception, and that is visiting my family. On my mums side all of my family live down south so whenever we visit them it includes a long car journey. I don't know who we will be seeing this year but I know we will definitely be going Brighton which we do annualy and I love! I just love the sea and Brighton's a nice place and we get on really well with my auntie, uncle and cousins and it is a week that I just relax, read some books and watch some YouTube.

7. Summer holiday!

Over summer most people go on yearly summer holidays and this year I am going Wales (yay). I have nothing against Wales as it is a lovely place full of lovely people but I just feel like its very close to home (an hour away). I have to sleep in the same room as my brother and not a lot to really do (and I have been there a lot)

8. Spend more time with my friends

As we won't be seeing each other day in day out from school I think it would be nice to organise some days out or to meet up as it is just nice to spend a day or two with your friends over summer and not to be too anti-social

9. Visit the park more

This is similar to spending time with my friends as I love going to the park as you get outside and its just nice to catch up and have a talk. Also the sun will help you get a tan!

10. walk my dog more

This is self explanatory - I want to walk the dog more as its a great way to get fit and because my dog needs to be walked so why don't I help my parents by doing that myself

11. summer cleaning

Recently I have done a lot of spring cleaning and I have completely reorganised my room but there is always more stuff to get rid of as its out dated or not useful any more its always good to de-clutter what ever chance you get and there are a lot of chances over the summer.

12. Eat healthier

In summer it is easier to binge on unhealthy foods and this year I want to break that habit by eating healthy I also want to try the Divina '5 weeks of sugar free diet' because we all have way too much sugar in our diet and while I am at school I have school dinners which are full of sugar so while I'm at home I want to try out this new diet out. I don't want to do this to lose weight or anything like that just because cutting out refined sugars will hopefully make me feel a lot better and less tired and generally healthier

13. Go shopping

I LOVE shopping and I love going shopping with my friend so hopefully I will be able to go at least once this summer with my friends! Or maybe even my mum as she has a credit card! (However I would still buy most things but you never know)

14. Wear more summer cloths

I own so many summer clothes not because I buy them but because most of my pass me downs are summer clothes and I think they are just so lovely and look really pretty. However I am the type of person who wears jeans and a hoodie in 20° weather. So this summer I am going to try and wear more summer clothes and make the most of the warm weather.

15. Help out more around the house

In summer I have all this time on my hands so I feel like I should help out more around the house. Whether this is doing the dishes or making tea there is something so special about helping somebody and it just makes the world a happy place.

So that is my 15 things I am going to try and achieve this summer, I actually found that really hard to think of 15 things as it is still so far away I hadn't given it much thought.
I hope you enjoyed this post as it was quite different to what I normally upload.  So tell me what you think down below in the comments. Like, comment and share! Bye!

Zoe xx


  1. Such a fun list and great ideas! If you want to start a youtube channel I think you should go for it, nobody gets anything without trying, right? I myself started making videos two weeks ago but nobody from school even knows I have a channel so I'm not very worried about what they would think! You'll only regret it if you don't take the chance. Oh and I hope you don't feel like I'm pressuring you to do something you don't want to, youtube should be something you do for yourself, something you enjoy doing and if that isn't what it will be for you then maybe you shouldn't continue (if you do start) but it's important to try! :D

    1. Thanks and you weren't pressuring me at all and i want to do stuff for me but im slightly scare of putting me as a whole person on the internet for any one to see cos when you write a blog you can hide behind the words and its not too personal but a youtube channel is a whole different story i guess i just care alot about what others will think

  2. Hay, I really like your blog, I find it really relatable! I would really like it if you could go check me out I think you should start a channel BTW and get the video as best quality as posable, my hate is when the video quality is really pixelated! Xx

    1. ok thanks for the tip and I will check out your blog! fyi i don't have a great camaera or any fancy lighting but i will try my best :)

  3. I love bucket list tags! This was so positive!
    Peace xo

  4. Amazing post! I love your blog! Hey if you want, there's a contest on my blog and I was wandering if you wanted to check it out!