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Sunday, 12 April 2015

product spotlight: Maybelline Baby lips

Hi guys,
So if you are into beauty and make up you have probably almost definitely heard about baby lips.
I have to admit i went through a phase of being obsessive with these so I thought as I have had the opinion of loving them and not loving them as much.  I should do a review and I haven't done a review yet and really want to do some more.

 I know the hype is basically over about these and they are very 2014 but some people might not of got these and they are all still in stock so maybe if you haven't tried this before you might want to try them now after hearing more about them!

First lets start with an overall opinion of the collection: if you asked me my favourite thing about these it would probably be the smell, OMG the smell is amazing, they smell so good I'm tempted to actual smear these onto my body as a perfume!!! (Okay maybe that's too far but they are just amazing!) They also taste really good like I think these are the best testing lip product I have ever tried, if you are new to reviews and beauty or just generally really confused right now when I say taste I don't literally mean I eat the product its just the taste you get when you apply the product I mean you could eat it if you want it wouldn't kill you it would just be a waste of a good lip product, glad I cleared that up! They do also look good, which is important but I would say other products look nicer but they don't smell or taste as good! These products do tick all the boxes and have everything you may ever need in any lip product.

swatch of them:
cherry me, pink punch, peach kiss, just peachy
However I do have negative things to say about these- There isn't a wide range of colours! Out of the whole collection there is only really 1 shade I like and that's 'cherry me' I will talk more about that later. Also they aren't very pigmented at all they are supposed to be sheer but I like products that are build-able but you just can't layer these at all! would prefer a bit more pigment and colour however if you are younger and want something not very bright these are good and if you're looking for a tinted lip balm these are great! Which brings me onto my next point these are supposed to be lip balms but they don't really hydrate your lips at all when you first apply them they are great but as the time goes on they actually dry your lips out which means you apply more so it dries at your lips more and it ends up being a catch 22 situation (I think that's what it's called!)

the first one I'm going to talk about is the 'cherry me' lip balm because this is my favourite one as it's a really nice cherry red colour as it smells the best out of them all it smells exactly like cherry haribos. Which just makes me so happy and I actually love everything about it what more could you want! I quite like that this one is subtle as it means you can get away with wearing a red lip colour to school and around the house as I just feel like red is a really nice colour which makes you feel more happy and confident which is soooo important!

 The second one I'm going to talk about is 'Intensive care' this is just a clear lip balm and it smells so good. The best way I can think of describing this is citrus fruit and lemons (which are citrus fruits). It doesn't care for your lips that well it isn't intense care but it does look really nice on your lips!

The next lip balm is 'peach kiss' this is a sheer nude- pink on as the name suggests this smells like, what you would think it would smell like peaches! It is more of an artificial peach smell then real peach but it is still amazing! So if you wanna look/smell like a peach you can quite literally be kissed by a peach (peach kiss)

The fourth one is 'hydrating' this is not really hydrating but it's just like intensive care looks nice but doesn't really smooth your lips it smells like fruit sweets basically they all smell like sweets which I love! Even though its not that good a lip balm I still love to wear it as it looks good and it's very low maintenance.

The next product is 'Mint fresh'. I hardly ever wear this one but it is like a tooth paste for your lips. As the name suggests you use it to freshen up and it smells well minty! I think this would be great if you're stuck with no gum and really want a mint however as I said before I don't really use it so I don't know how good it is. My only problem is when you apply this you get a small tingling/cooling sensation I don't know how to explain it but I don't like it that much it feels like its doing harm to my lips but its not!

last one from the original set is 'pink punch'. I wouldn't really use this as pale pink doesn't suit me at all because I have dark skin. This one is a bit more pigmented then the others so it is more obvious and I think it would really suit people who are blonde however if your not it might still really suit you! This is my second favourite smell it literally smells of bubble gum. Like if you imagine bubble gum that is what this smells of it is soooo good.

The next two are from a different range and this is called the Dr rescue range. These have been available for a while in America but only recently have I seen them be sold in the UK. There isn't a lot of hype about these and I didn't even know they were coming out until I saw them in Tesco! As soon as I saw these I knew I had to try them as I used to love baby lips so much and I have to saw I'm impressed these are actually quite a nice lip balm however I don't like that they are more pricey then the other products.

The first one of the Dr rescue set I tried was 'too cool' This smells of peppermint and reminds me of some remedies to help you sleep or too help you with colds- I'm pretty sure I can eucalyptus as well but maybe that's just me! However similar to the 'Mint fresh' you get that same sensation must be something to do with Mint!

The next one is 'just peachy' which I regret buying so much is looks really chalky on your lips, it doesn't feel chalky it just looks chalky! Also it's lighter then the rest of my face which just doesn't look right your lips should definitely be darker not lighter. 

So that's the end of the post, I really want to do some more posts in the future so tell me what you think below! (in the comments.) Like, comment and share if you liked this and I will speak to you all next week for another post.


  1. I've been meaning to try Baby Lips for so long but I never really found a decent review, let alone one for each individual one! This helped me so so much! Thank you! Xoxo

  2. Your welcome and you should try at least one of them and see what you think!

  3. hey, I've tagged you for the summer bucket list tag!

  4. Hiya! Just wandering, when will you be doing the summer tag? xoxo :)

    1. I have done it