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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Berlin Trip: Part 1

Hi guys, this is part 1 of my trip to Germany I'm sorry its not very exciting but for those who want to know what I got up to here is a little look. I apologise for the quality these where all taken with my iPod.

Brandenburg gate! 

Radio tower

view from radio tower
Awesome cathedral 
Olympic stadium and training grounds.

OMG this was amazing- frozen yoghurt with caramel sauce, toffee chunks and marshmallows!

Palace gardens where we had our lunch I had a sub from well subway.

photography from the palace river.

cute little town we went to where we did shopping, shopping and more shopping.

government building.

Berlin wall!

Jewish wall memorial.

world clock in the platz.

And finally SELFIE!

So that's the 1st part I am sorry it is so boring I left it till last minute to write the post and I'm suddenly really tired so it wasn't very well done. However its not every day you go to Germany so I thought it was important to document!

Zoe xx


  1. There's so much to see! That yoghurt looks amazing too!

    M + K