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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Berlin trip: part 2

Hi guys, so this is my second part of my trip to Berlin. I took all these pictures with my camera if you are interested and I hope you are all having a wonderful day so yeah I better get to it!

So the first thing is the radio tower this was really cool and the view from top was incredible.

The cathedral was breath taking and the view from top was also amazing and I loved that it was open which also meant a clearer picture for you guys!
(the picture of the cathedral was taken from the radio tower if you are interested)

I had never been to an Olympic stadium or any sport stadium for that matter before (apart from the time I went to see the football with my dad at Chester city) so this was really cool and I love how multi purpose it is, you can have football matches, concerts and of course show the athletics.

we also saw the training room and where the athletes take an ice bath after their event is was brrrrrrrrilliant (okay I will leave) .

The view from the Reichstag would be pretty cool in the day but at night it was stunning (I couldn't decide which one to use so it thought why not use both!)

This is the actual Reichstag building from the inside, me and my friends took the wrong way up and got some funny looks oops remember to look for which why is up and which way is down.

German Flag on top of Reichstag. I wish i filmed this gently swaying in the wind it would've looked awesome.

we saw it when the sun was still up but now we have seen the Brandenburg gate at night as well.

Lastly the air raid shelter, this was soooo creepy and the whole time we were in there I couldn't help but think that a bomb was going to go off while we were still down there. The tour guide was telling us about the conditions when you stay there and it was horrendous.  click here for more information or too book it.

So that is all the pictures I have from my Berlin trip! From now on my posts will be going back to normal style of post but I hope you liked these special posts as it is nice for me too have a record of my visit to Berlin and to share it with you as its a bit more exciting for you then some make up in my room. If you liked this post: like, share and comment and I will be back with another post very soon (tomorrow!)

Zoe xx

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