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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Brand spotlight: MUA palettes review

Hi guys,
As I am on my holidays at the moment I have plenty of time to write a mid-week post for you so I did! I have been wanting to do more review style posts now for a while as I love doing them and I hope they are beneficial to all of you.

So for a very long time I have been loving the MUA palettes - they are the only palettes I own and really the only ones I need. They come with 12 wonderful shades that range from night to day with some being matt, some not.  But best of all they are an amazing £4! I couldn't recommend these any more highly as they are probably my favourite make up product. they are also extremely long wearing and last all day long.

The first one I am going to talk about is 'Heaven And Earth'. These shades are all very warm toned and neutral, which make them great for everyday use. These are all glossy shades which I don't mind as I prefer gloss to matt any day. These shades, I would say, are more for day time but you can definitely still use them at night.

This one is called 'Undressed' and it's probably my second favourite out of all four palettes as I prefer to wear darker tones. I also use puff (first shade right to left on top row) to add dimension and  open up my eyes. I also use fuel and cool grey a lot (first and second left to right bottom row) to create a smoky look for the night time. I love mixing and matching different shades and each day creating a different look - with these you can do that really easily!

This palette is my favourite and this is the 'Undress Me Too' palette.  Mine is very dirty so please don't judge as I have used this everyday for the past year or so and haven't even hit the pan yet because there is so much product in them.  And even if mine did run out I would definitely repurchase this because I just love these products so much (in case you hadn't already got that!). In this palette there are 3 matt shades, 6 glossy shades and 3 metallic shades, which just adds a great mixture to enable you to make so many versatile looks. I love how there is a copper, gold and purpely brown metallic colour as I love the colours of metals.  I think they are so cool and these are by far my favourite shades. I use corrupt (bottom row, far left) every day as an eye liner as I find this gives a softer look and doesn't smudge as much ad pencil eye liner.  I use this on my waterline and sometimes to line my upper lid. The 3 matt shades are also great for filling in your eyebrows as there is a shade for blonds, brunettes and people with black hair. Unfortunately, I am a mixture between lavish and corrupt (matt brown and black) so I cant use these.

The last palette I have is also the last one I got, the 'Eve After Matt' palette - I actually haven't used this that much but I really want to start as there are some great shades included. Some people prefer matt and this includes 10 matt shades. Matt shades means the look is cleaner and perfect for those that wear glasses and/or daytime use. There is also 5 great shades to fill your eyebrows in with - I would use either smoke or truffle (first and third shade on bottom row from the left)

Also an added bonus they all come with a foam applicator which I do sometimes use though not that often.  But if you have nothing else then it does supply something!

Overall I give these palettes a 9/10

So that is it.  I hope you enjoyed this mid-week blog?  I have something special planned for tomorrow if I get it done as it is my blogs first birthday! If you have just found my blog or have been following me for a whole year thank you, I love you all!  Please like, comment and share if you enjoyed this post.  Also, leave a comment below about what you think of these palettes as I would love to know.

Zoe xx



  1. These colors are gorgeous!! Ive never seen this palette before but I'll have to try it. Great review!!

  2. awww thanks and do I honestly think they are amazing!

  3. these look really great! i've never tried anything from them but i might have to :)

    danielle | avec danielle