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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Come Along With Me: Berlin Zoo!

Hi guys, I'm back!! So sorry I haven't uploaded in like forever but I have an excuse- it was my birthday, then I went to Berlin and then it was exams so sorry about all that, but TODAY I have a really cool post for you. For my birthday my parents paid for me to go Berlin with school for the weekend. It was amazing and one of the things we did - the best thing might I add - was visit Berlin Zoo. I have probably been to a zoo about 5 times and that was mostly just Chester zoo (my local zoo).   I love animals so was very excited to spend half a day at Berlin Zoo and it didn't disappoint - I loved it soooo much and I also love taking photos so, as you can probably tell, I got quite a lot of pictures for you, Enjoy!

These cute little Jelly fish!

These are cell looking jelly fish!
(I apologize for the videos and commentary I wasn't up for full out vlogging in public and also it was kinda a home video so it wasn't YouTube style.)

I found Dory! (speaking of Dory the new film 'Finding Dory' is coming to cinemas this November, who else is as hyped as me for this film?)

Puffer fish puffed up are adorable and I made friends with this guy - his name is Jeffrey and I have come to the realisation that my friend Emma looks just like a puffer fish!

* Insert Jaws theme tune *

Cute fish just loving life!

Lets play spot the snakes (comment below how many you think there are. Clue, there's more than 1)

Casual snake photography. Also what is up with that dudes eyes, why are they white?

What's up Trevor, how are you? 
(I have wanted a tortoise called Trevor since primary school but just can not convince my parents! When I'm older I am having a whole miniature farm which I have planned out, might do a post on it what do you think?) 

"You're a stranger, strangers don't last long here"
quote that movie.

Me: what's so special about lotuses
friend: that's the food 
me: For what?
friend: That (points to 2 headed lizard thing- okay it doesn't have 2 heads but you get the picture)

It's Voldemort!

Hey Mr crocodile can we cross the water- who else played that!

Medusa's latest victim this dragonsaur thing (cross between a dragon and a dinosaur)

We interrupt the animals for flowers! Who doesn't love a good tulip!

Friend: Quick get a photo of the tree behind the deer thing as it looks like its horns.
Me: Those are his horns!

Who doesn't love a good giraffe? 

It's been a long day.

pigs, pigs and more pigs.

* twerkit, twerkit, twerkit! *

To you this might just be an ordinary picture of a polar bear but to me this is the first time I have ever seen a polar bear in the flesh! (that sounds weird.)

I have never seen a wolf either and I really want to just hug it! (However, I really wouldn't advise that)

I know, it's a hard life being a bear.

Just a bit of trivia for you - you know it is 9684 miles from Berlin zoo to Los Angeles zoo.

"If your feet are happy, you are happy"

If you're sad just remember the waving penguin and everything will be okay!

Just thought this was cute.

Sea lions the lions of the sea, I dunno what else to say!

Zoe the zebra. It's me!

You may or may not know I am am a little bit obsessed with elephants - I just love them so much. Not gonna lie but this was the most exciting thing about the whole trip and guess what goes and happens?
*My camera Dies*
Slightly annoying!

So as my camera died that is it for today's post - I know it is late and long overdue so I am sorry 'bout' that. I'll be uploading 'What I got for my birthday' soon as well as some more pics from Berlin! 
Please like, comment and share if you enjoyed this post. For some reason I quoted a lot of movies, Why? I have no idea. That's all, bye!

Zoe xx


  1. Wow looks amazing and really fun! Do u have a YouTube channel? It's just that you said you hadn't uploaded in a while so I'm a little curious! Xoxo

    1. I meant posted/ uploaded same thing! but I do really want a YouTube channel like so bad

  2. I love the pictures! It looks like you had a great time!
    Peace xo