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Thursday, 4 June 2015

what I got for my Birthday!

Hi guys,
So my birthday might have been nearly a month ago now and I still havent done a what I got for my birthday blog so I'm doing it now! I really wanted to do this as I think you all liked my 'what I got for christmas' post, and as these things only come around once a year I would be a fool to miss it! I have already done a disclaimer on my 'what I got for Christmas' there so I'm not going to repeat that, but if you want to read it then head on over there. I apologise in advance for the picture quality - I took these on my birthday so I could put everything away.

So the first thing I got was this gorgeous Elephant necklace from my grandparents. The necklace itself is actually made of recycled corks which is really cool and I love the effect that this has. The pendant itself is quite big but I actually wore this out on Friday for my dads birthday meal with a black dress and it wasn't too big at all and looked really nice, It's basically a statement piece that looks really nice with simple clothing..

I also got another Elephant necklace and this one is a lot smaller and more discrete. It has a leather chain and I really like this one as well.

I also got three books: Beauty Book - this shows you how to make lots of beauty related stuff from face masks to soaps and even make up! So I'm really looking forward to trying some of these andout.
10 Minute Make-Up is about exactly what it says, doing make up in 10 minutes I got this from my mum  who knows I like to save money and thought it was a good idea. Finally, the one I was most excited for, Davina's 5 Weeks To Sugar Free. I can't wait to use this and I think I'll give it sa go over the summer. I don't want to loose any weight or anything like that, just want to feel and be healthier so I am less tired etc. 

From my Grandparents I also got the Tresemme salon professional volume hair tongs which are soooo cool! I have wanted curlers for a long times and for special occasions I might want to curl my hair as it is nice to dress up and have a change, and I have always wanted some, and now I have them!

From my friend I got this bath bomb which I'm so excited to try and 2 muslin cloths a.k.a flannels.

From my other friend I got this amazing lush package which consists of a bath bomb: twilight and a soap: rock star. I actually used the bath bomb today as I'm not feeling very well and It is awesome, it starts off as this sunset pink and then by the end it looks like the night sky which I love it also has silver glitter in which just makes it extra special! 

From my Grandparents again I got this juice cube and I have wanted one of these for a very long time basically you charge it up and bring it with you throughout the day then if your phone/ipod or whatever runs out of battery you can charge it up using this!

From my parents I got a Yankee candle! I am obsessed with these they are sooo good! I know alot of people who go on about how expensive these are but personally as they last such a long time they are totally worth it. This scent is a really tropical, pineapply (new word) scent. It is quite strong if you just smell it but when you burn it, its very subtle and makes the room smell very fresh and I really like it.

The next candle I got was this rose candle but I cant for the life of me remember what brand it was from but I know my mum got this from a local shop as she brought it while I was there. This has a really subtle fresh scent and is definitely not to over powering I know with floral scents it is very easy to be too strong which can sometimes gave you a bit of a headache but this doesn't do that at all. The goo around the side is actually a room scenter (if that's what it is called) so it is basically a 2 in 1 and when it burns out I cant wait to reuse the pot as it is so pretty!

From my mums friend I got this heart shaped glass pot which I absolutely adore. I'm not too sure what to put in it though but at the moment I just have my little elastic hair bands in so leave your suggestions below - I would love to hear them!

Also from them I got this really cute Elephant scarf I have this in blue as well and I really like it and will be sure to wear it a lot.

One of my main presents from my parents was this full length mirror I have wanted for a while but when I saw this I had to get it as it is also a cabinet where you can hold all your jewellery and display it so it is easier to choose and you don't have a necklace here or a necklace there it is just all in 1 compartment.

The other main present I got was a trip to Berlin with my school. This was amazing as we got to see lots of sights and spend time with my friends. I did a post about this last week: Berlin Zoo. However next week I will post the rest of the pics!


  1. Where is the elephant iPod stand? 😟😜
    Also, your blog is awesome, I would never be able to keep at this for so long! Well done!

    1. This was uploaded before you gave it to me :) quite alot before