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Monday, 22 June 2015

CAWM: Up Tryfan, flower fun and Mindy time.

Hi guys, and welcome to another Come Along With Me! So today I had a very eventful day which I thought I would share with you. Every month me and a group of people go up a mountain and this month we were going up my favourite mountain Tryfan. We went up the north face which involved quite a lot of rock climbing and unfortunately the condition weren't great making the slope very slippery! NO MAKE UP ALERT just a quick warning I look awful and I am very wet. Also unfortunately we couldn't get photos of the hard bits we had to do as it was too wet seriously need to invest in a go pro!

When I got home it was so gorgeously sunny so I decided to do what I do best and take some photos! So here is what I took! Also after that I decided to go out and play with Mindy and as I was in a photo mood I took some photos of that as well!

So that is all the pictures I hope you enjoyed having a brief look into my day I am sorry this wasn't a better post just I literally had no time and am really tired however I hoped you liked this post anyway if you did show the love by giving it a like, comment and share and if you want to see more from me bye!
Zoe xx


  1. Love this post<3 they photos are amazing you are so talented
    follow for follow?:)