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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Haul: Super drug, boots, new look, H+M

Hi guys, and welcome to this week's post. So last week I went shopping with my friend and I thought I'd show you what I got! Some of these products I have used so can give you a little review on, but there are some I haven't got round to trying yet so it will have to be just be first impressions! Without further ado, let's get on with the post.

The first product I'm going talk about is from Super Drug and it's called Maybelline Brow drama sculpting brow mascara in the colour dark brown. This is all the hype at the moment and I just had to try it. I didn't care much about it colouring my brows but mostly just wanted it to structure my brows and it definitely does that, whereas on the colouring side I already have quite filled in brows and I find this product clings onto any hair it can, even unwanted ones above and below which isn't great. If I was to repurchase this I would definitely get the transparent one which is only my preference but if you have quite sparse eyebrows this might be the evolutionary product for you.

The next product is also from Super Drug called MUA luxe London lip gloss in the shade kooky. I was drawn to this because of the berry shade and the professional frosted packaging and also the really affordable price of £3. However I was incredibly disappointed as it completely dries your lips out and feels sticky and chalky.  It is very pigmented and I love the shade and how long wearing it is but I just can't get over the sticky, drying effect. I would not recommend this product, however it might work better over a lipstick to add colour - but I was just so disappointed with this product.

I also got 2 more lipsticks that were also both from collection and they are the collection lasting perfection lipsticks. The formulae is amazing as it's so smooth and hydrating and I absolutely love them certainly recommend them both. I have honestly been wearing 9 china rose basically every day since I got it as it's better than my lip colour and is very subtle, basically the colour of my lips. Unfortunately though the shade 8 Mulberry Burst is a little bit too bright for me and I look a little, err how do I say this? Tarty. However that doesn't mean the shade wouldn't suit someone else that has a different skin tone however I don't regret buying this as it is good to experiment with different shades to find out what suits me best.

The next thing I got was from Boots as there was a deal on where if you spend over £6 you get a gelly hi-shine for free and as I wanted the matte topcoat anyway I thought it was a good idea! Lets first talk about the top coat, I am wearing this at the moment over my other nail polish and I have to say it is amazing. If you want matte nail polish then don't bother buying all your colours in matte just invest in a topcoat as this makes all your nail polishes appear matte as it gives off a matte finish and I recommend the Barry M matte nail paint top coat! The next one is the gelly hi-shine in the shade Almond, I am wearing this at the moment underneath my matte topcoat though personally I don't think this is the right shade for me as I just think it looks a little weird. The last one is the matte nail paint in the colour crush I LOVE this colour - it is such a cute burgundy colour and I think it really complements my skin tone and it is just a really cute colour that I think will be perfect for Autumn!

I got these from Super Drug and I just picked them up as I needed some make up remover, so yeah, this was cheap and looked good. Plus, you can never go wrong with Nivea. I used to just use wipes but I wanted to take my make up off properly, especially mascara, so I don't have anything to compare these to but so far so good as it does the job and leaves my skin feeling fresh. So yeah all good!

I also wanted some make up sponges, not to blend make up but to create gradient nail polish as I think they look so cool. I haven't tried it yet but I really can't wait to! I got this from Primark, which was hard as normally I can't even enter Primark, so I was quite proud of myself!

I also got this Dead sea purifying clay mask as it was 69p from Super Drug, which I thought was a steal and I have to say it was really nice I can't wait to try more from this line this makes my skin feel amazing and very hydrating I have also noticed a dramatic different in my skin most of my blemishes I had has nearly completely disappeared. This showed great results!

The next thing is nail polish remover as I really wanted to try bottled make up remover because I was getting so infuriated by those little pads, and I have to say this removes stuff so quickly and doesn't leave your nails feeling horrible and it's also very affordable.

Of course I had to buy some Nerds - if you have been following me for a while you will probably know I am obsessed with these as they are just so delicious! it is probably because they are basically just chemicals and sugar but I still love them. I did also buy some nerd rope but that came to a tragic end before I even got home - oops!

From H+M I got these beautiful gold rings - there are so many of them and they where for a extremely cheap price. I think these look so nice and elegant on and I am in love with these. I really want some more expensive rings as I think they look so pretty and you can literally wear them every day!

From New Look I got this ear cuff know I don't have anything like this at all and I really wanted to try this and see how it looks and personally I really like it.  I think it looks completely bad ass however even though my friend hates it I like it and that is all that counts!

The last thing I got was this Yankee candle and glass holder - this actually smells sooooo nice it isn't too strong and just makes a room smell a little bit exotic. I love Yankee candles so much and I hadn't seen this scent before and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite scents! If you find yourself in a Yankee store you have to pick this up and sniff it!

 So that is all from my shopping haul - I just love shopping so much and this trip was long over due. We also tried a lot of clothes on which was really fun to have a little photo shoot and to dress up.
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Zoe xx
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