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Sunday, 7 June 2015

May Favourites

Hi guys, so I haven't done a favourites in a long time as I kept on leaving it too late and I have kind of again, but I thought that even if we are a quarter of the way through the next month I can still do a favourites! So without further a do here's my favourites for May 2015.

So my first favourite is candles; I have always had a little obsession with candles but since I moved my room around and worked out how to watch TV programs from my room I have been spending a lot more time there, meaning I am lighting more candles! I think candles are so soothing and calming and I think they just make the room so atmospheric - they just make me so happy and the room smells amazing. There is literally a scent for everything: If my room smells stuffy I light a fresh towels candle.  If it smells too bland I light a fruity tangy candle. I just love them so much so if you have any candle recommendation please leave them in the comments below!

My next favourite is a beauty favourite and that is the Rimmel stay matte powder. I have this in the shade 004 sandstorm, but this shade is a bit too light for me personally and I only got this shade as transparent was sold out. This doesn't mattify my skin very well but it is the best one I have found and It smooths your skin out so well, erasing your pores as well as keeping your make up in place to help keep it long-wearing. It balances out the oils and has light weight coverage and is really good for everyday wear and as I don't wear foundation this just keeps my face looking fresh.

My next beauty favourite is the B. glowing shimmer brick in the shade 108 bronze.  I mentioned this ages ago in my top 5 drug store favourites and again in my travel bag. This used to be my holy grail product and I kind of just forgot about it and this month I have been really liking it again. It gives a really nice bronze complexion as well as adding a natural highlight.  So if you want to 'Be glowing' then this is the product to use!

 I have mentioned these products a lot since I started my blog (top 5 drugstore products, my travel bag. what I got for Christmas, January Favourites. MUA review) and they really are amazing! Recently I have been really liking the Heaven and Earth palette which was the first one I got - I must be feeling nostalgic because I've gone back to all my favourites from a year ago, this is the month to reminisce it seems. My everyday make up has completely changed recently so if you want to see an updated everyday make up leave a comment below!

My last beauty favourite is the Revlon lip butters and again these are a blast from the past as I've mentioned this a lot in the past (top 5 drug store products, fall beauty tag, Lip favourites, my travel bag) and these are my go-to lip products which I wear everyday - it's literally either one or the other. These look so pretty, are moisturising, smooth and really pigmented and I can't recommend them enough if you have a couple of pounds lying around go out and buy these as soon as posisble!

So I have wanted a laptop/chrome book for a long time and the other day I decided I was going to buy one. The chrome book I got was ASUS C300. Even though this is expensive, what you get for the price you pay is soooo worth it- I paid £159.99 for it. I think this is probably the best thing I have purchased and I use it ALL the time (guess what? I'm using it right now to write this post). This has everything you could ever want as it's basically a laptop for a quarter of the price. I am in love with this, and it has a 11 hour battery life so lasts all day - perfect for work, school or just generally for your own entertainment.

My next favourite is a book favourite and that is the gone series at the moment I am reading 'Hunger' which is the second book in the series.  If you didn't know already this is about a town where everyone over the age of 15 vanishes (or 'poofs' as the characters call it) and a dome surrounds the whole town and everyone inside has to deal with life without adults and some of the children start developing weird mutant powers.
Also something really cool about this is that the pages are coloured and as I have my bookcase at the head of my bed and the back is open you can see all the pages and personally I think it is pretty cool!

My final favourite is two TV shows I have been loving, which are 'Suits' and 'Gossip Girl', both of these are completely different but I love them both.
Suits is about a lawyer firm but it isn't just that type of TV show as it's full of drama, betrayal , romance and secrets. Also seasons 1-3 are on Amazon Instant Video as well which is extra handy.
Gossip Girl is a lot like pll (pretty little liars) if you like that you will most likely like this as well.  It is set in New York and about a private high school that extremely rich people go to and there is this website called 'Gossip Girl' which is about a girl who gossips about Manhattan's elite. There's also  a guy called Dan who has a scholarship there and is not so rich and he also lives in Brooklyn.  It's really good and I recommend you go watch that as well as I have just started season 3.

So that is all my favourites from May, I hope you are all having an amazing day and if you liked this please like, comment and share as I would generally like to know if this style of post is something you enjoy.  If you like something else leave suggestions below of what you would like to see more in my blog.

xoxo Zoe 



  1. Catch up on the gone series it gets so creepy

  2. Those revlon lipsticks are my favorite!! I have both of those colors as well and I'm obsessed!

    1. ikr so good I was thinking of doing a review on them!

  3. Great post I'm new to your blog and I love it xx :)

  4. aww thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you like it!