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Monday, 27 July 2015

Brand Spotlight | H+M Haul

Hi guys, and welcome to today's post, so today I have a haul for you guys I love summer sales, I can't resist a bargain and as you probably know the sales are on at the moment! I have wanted to try H+M for a long time now and don't know why I have never got any stuff from there before. New Look was what I loved and what I got but I have to admit I think I may have been converted.  I still love New look but H+M is a close second which is probably a bad thing cos' it means my clothes bill is likely to double!

So the parcel arrived in a pretty decent time - not the fastest as there was a little wait required but it did get here. It was all compacted into this bag which I thought was really good as there was no waste packaging.

The first thing I got was these gym shorts - not owning any sport clothes I thought that if I wanted to motivate myself to get fit then I may as well get the right gear! They are super comfy though a little bit on the short side for my liking.  However, these are really nice and could be used as pyjama bottoms they are that comfy.

So the next two things I got I paired as an outfit and that is this blue chiffon top and black tube skirt. I love this style as top as I think it looks so cute and I love something with a collar on! I got this because I thought it was quite smart and would be perfect to wear to a mean night out. This was quite see-through though so you would have to wear a top underneath. I have no joke wanted a skirt like this for a long time and when I saw this I had to get it, I think it was £3 which is an absolute steal! This is perfect as you can wear this with anything. It's smart but it's also casual, you can wear it with tights in the winter or by itself in the summer as it's so versatile and super cute.

So the next item is something I wish I hadn't bothered with for multiple reasons; to be totally honest I have no idea where to start. Well lets start with actually getting into this dress - it is hell. There is no zip so you have to try and get this extremely tight, shaped dress on somehow and no joke I am not exaggerating it took me half in hour to get the dress on and, once on, I couldn't actually breath it was so tight! Short as well, plus it makes me look pregnant which isn't exactly a good look. I would definitely have sent this back but in the desperation of getting out of it the came off! I am seeing if my friend wants it but as most my friends aren't size 6 and I am the smallest of the lot I don't think it'll fit anyone so to charity it will probably go.

So the next two things I got was this black crop top with tassels and these little denim shorts. I love this top as it is cotton so it's really soft and comfortable. I also think it is very practical as it is a crop top, which is perfect for the summer but if you are more self-conscious or don't want to show your tummy then this is perfect as the tassels kinda cover your tummy. It also has a really boho feel which I love! The next item is these cute, little shorts. These where also quite short but super comfy and I love the pattern on the denim as it makes them a bit more exciting and different.

The last item I got was these black ballet pumps, which are a style I have wanted some shoes like this for a while and I am so glad I got them as they stay on your feet really well and don't fall off (but if they did I have a little trick for you - buy some black elastic and sow it on to create a strap like I do with my actual ballet shoes). These are very simple and classy and will go with just about everything!

As you can see Mindy has appeared in some of these photos and I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of her to share with you, and here they are! A little added Mindy bonus for you guys.

So that is it from this post. I hope you liked this post, the other day I was putting my post into categories (you can click the pictures on the far right to see all my posts on that topic) and the first three categories that came to mind was beauty, fashion and lifestyle but then I realised I really didn't have that many posts on fashion so I really want to do some more for you! Like, comment and share if you enjoyed this post and I will be back soon with another post! bye!

Zoe xx