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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Brand Spotlight: Maybelline Colour Tatoo Review

So for today's post I am doing a review. The product I am focusing on is the Maybelline colour tattoo's, now if you somehow haven't heard of these they are liquid eye-shadow from Maybelline. I love these as they are so easy to apply and very long wearing meaning your eye-shadow looks flawless throughout the whole day. They are very build-able and pigmented which are very desirable traits. However, I do feel like they aren't that blend-able and it would be next to impossible to apply, for example, a darker colour through the crease as it just would not look good using that product. Alternatively though you could use a powder eye-shadow. However they don't crease and look really nice on the lid and can look like you have tried really hard on your make up when in actual fact you spent about 5 minutes on it.

The first shade I am going to talk about is the leather effect one in creamy beige. This one is my favourite out of the whole collection and I use it the most as it creates a really nice base for other eye-shadows but it's also really nice by itself. It is a very nice neutral-nudey colour and it's perfect for every day use and especially work or school. I normally like to blend in a brown through my crease just to add a bit more definition but to do this I normally just use a matte bronzer as I think it makes the look cleaner and natural, and as the bronzer is meant to add definition it's just the perfect tool for the job, Bronzer is also a really nice transition colour. I also like this eye shadow as it is a matte shade (that's why it is called leather effect).  I don't necessarily think it looks like leather but I like the fact that it is matte as it makes the eye-shadow appear more natural.

The next eye shadow I am going to talk about is 'on and on bronze' This is the first one I got out of the collection and I have to say it is amazing. The colour is very similar to the creamy beige one but this one has a metallic finish which just makes your eyes pop. I also think it adds more of a 3D effect and it gives off the illusion that you have added a darker shade through your crease and an highlight even though you haven't. This again is really quick and easy to apply, you can use either your fingers or a brush, though my one problem with the line in general is they do leave a lot of product on your brush meaning you waste a lot - I find that it gets stuck between the bristles and it really saturates them.

The next product is 'eternal gold'. I love this product but wouldn't wear it on a day to day basis as it is too shiny and bright. However, it is perfect for the night time or for special occasions. This is also quite metallic and has glitter in it and I LOVE glitter and think it just makes the eye-shadow just that little bit more special. This is less pigmented than the others and I hardly ever use this but I do like how it looks and I think it makes the amber in my eyes really stand out. As it is less pigmented it is easier to layer so you can have it more or less depending on your preference and the occasion.

The last product is 'Permanent taupe' and I don't really like it as it makes me literally look like I have a black eye which is not a good look. This might look okay on a different skin tone but I'm not promising anything! I was really disappointed with this and would not recommend it. (apologise about the photos of me as I would never go out wearing this I had to keep the eye make up to a minimum as it meant it was easier to take off! Also they where taken on my ipod.)

So that is it for this post. I hope you enjoy these reviews as I really enjoy doing them. As make-up is so expensive to trial I feel like I am helping you find what looks good and what doesn't, saving you some money.  I also love experimenting with make-up and as I am not sponsored I can truly give you an honest opinion! If you liked this like, comment and share and I will see you all next week!

Zoe xx



  1. I like things from Maybelling :)
    I am using a concealer. iIam very happy with it :)
    I like this post :)

    1. awwww thanks I looked at your blog and your English is sooooo good!

  2. your eyes are beautiful and the colour suits you so well!
    would you love to follow each other? ^^

    1. aww thank you but they're really not I just wanted to show the eyeshadow and yeah sure