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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Easy and simple hairstyles- for 1st/2nd/3rd day hair

Hi guys, and welcome to another post. Today I am doing a hair post as I thought I would show you how to deal with your hair on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day after washing. These are nothing extravagant and I assure you pretty much everyone can do them as they are simple for school or work, and so, so easy.

So the first hair style is simply wearing your hair down - it's so simple and obvious I know but there are a few tips and tricks to make your look fabulous! The first trick is how to get some natural curls in your hair to make it look a bit more interesting. So to get some tight curls you can plait your hair A) By using a French braid or B) 2 plaits depending on if you can do a French braid. This curls the tips and doesn't go all the way up meaning the top is straight and the bottom is curled. However, I feel like this makes it incredibly knotty and frizzy whereas the French braid doesn't so much. Another thing is a way to tackle the frizz - we all know the day after you wash your hair your hair it turns into a frizzy mess, but I have a solution and that is the Loreal Paris Elvive extraordinary oil. I just put the tiniest amount of this on my hand and rub them together and then run this through my hair as it just makes the frizz disappear, poof it's gone!

The next hairstyle was actually mentioned in my June favourites and that is this half up and half down hair style. Again, this is very easy as all you have to do is comb your hair back and, using your fingers, split your hair into two layers. Then just take the top layer and tie it up. I think this style is perfect for people with long, thick hair as it thins it out and just looks so pretty. I like to wear this on second day old hair as it is less frizzy than the first day and also this is perfect for if your hair starts to get greasy as it isn't as obvious when your hair is up and my hair only gets greasy on the scalp/top of my head so it is great way to have your hair down and it still looks really nice.  It's also a way to wear your hair down and still keep it out your face - definitely my favourite hair style out of the 3.

The last hair style is a simple high ponytail and I wear this style when my hair getting ready for a wash.  I personally think I really do not suit low pony tails so I always wear them high. You almost definitely know how to do a high ponytail but I'm gonna tell you anyway! It's so easy as all I do is scrape my hair back with my comb flip my head over and gather it all up before flipping it back to tie with a hair tie and...done! So simple, so easy yet it looks so nice. Also it is so quick and fuss free and you don't really need to worry to much about your hair - it just stays it place and out your face all day...

So that is all the hairstyles I know - all very simple but I am really bad at hairstyles and never have time in the morning before school to make my hair look all big and fancy so basically the only hairstyles I ever wear. If you liked this post please like, comment and share and I will be back with another post very soon.  I break up for summer soon and I mean to post a lot more - as much as I can! bye,

Zoe xx


  1. I really I like 3rd style ! I like to put my hair in a pony tail.
    Especially when you have curly hair :)

  2. I really like the second one, the part line showing looks cool