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Sunday, 5 July 2015

June Favourites

Hey guys, and welcome to another post. So June has finally come to an end and it feels like this month has dragged on for soooo much as everyone is just waiting for the summer holidays to arrive. This month I have been completely obsessed with the items below so just keep reading!

The first product I am going to talk about is the Barry M matte nail paint top coat (I think that's the name). This is amazing as it literally makes all your nail polishes matte, and it works. I think this is perfect in the winter as I think matte looks so much better in winter. However, as I have recently discovered this I have been wearing it a lot - I feel like it makes your nail polish solid looking and more pigmented. It literally looks like you are wearing false nails.

The next beauty favourite I am going to talk about is a lipstick and this is the collection lasting colour 9 china rose. This is the second lipstick I have ever brought as normally I go for lip butters because they feel like they are more hydrating (the truth is they are not really but they still have their pros and cons though they're not really any more or less hydrating). I have honestly been wearing this pretty much every day and I have talked about this in my post last week - make up haul. It's truly amazing and it is a really pretty shade as it is soooo close to my natural lip colour, I just absolutely love it!

My next beauty favourite is the sleek face form in the shade light. I have been absolutely loving the blusher from this palette and think it is perfect for summer. It is a very subtle flushed colour which has gold glitter running through it which just adds a really nice shimmer and glow to your face. I am really bad at explaining this but it is really good!

My next favourite is a hairstyle and that's the half up/ half down do. To do this all you have to do is scrape all your hair back and then separate your hair into 2 layers, take the top layer and tie it into a ponytail and, voilĂ , it is done. This hairstyle is just so simple and is a little bit different to just wearing your hair down, as it also keeps your hair out of your face and looks really pretty.

Another thing I have been loving this month is a little bit different and that is photography. I love taking photos and I know that sounds really sad but I just find it so rewarding to get a good shot and also there is just something so special about capturing a moment in time.  Photos are something you can keep forever and that is pretty awesome! The camera I use, if you are interested, is the Lumix fz150 and I know this is very expensive but it's not actually mine it's my Dads but I LOVE!

My next favourite is a candle and this is in the scent pink dragon fruit. This scent is my go to summer scent it is so fruity and sweet and I absolutely am in love with this. I absolutely love Yankee as the candles last a long time and smell amazing! You all know how much I love candles so I am not going to go on about this too much but if you haven't smelt this already and you find yourself near a Yankee shop go in and smell it!

My next favourite is a family we all know and love and that of course is the Sacconnejolys. You almost definitely all know who these are but just in case you have been living under a rock they are an Irish family living in the UK who daily vlog and I have been obsessed with them recently. I have been watching them for a while now but recently I have been loving watching their old vlogs I don't know why I just have been really enjoying watching them and seeing how they have changed from then and now. They are just so funny and my favourite part of the day is 6pm on the dot when their new vlog comes out!

My last favourite is a TV series I have been obsessed with and that is Switched At Birth.  Honestly  I have binged on this every night when I get home from school, so much that my friends are fed up of me talking about it! It is a show about two 15 year old girls who where switched at birth and raised by the wrong parents.  One of the girls, Bay, has a family who is incredibly rich and the other girl, Daphne, has been raised by a single mum in a poor environment (not to mention the fact Daphne is deaf). It explores deaf culture and really opens your eyes to life through the eyes of a deaf person and really helps you to understand a bit more. Also as some of the program is in ASL (American Sign Language) you pick it up a bit - I'm not fluent or anything but at least now I can string together a basic sentence in sign language, which is pretty cool even though I should (being a Brit) really be learning BSL (British Sign Language).

So that is all my favourites and I hope you enjoyed reading about them.  I am really excited for summer and just can't wait to have the holidays to myself, going to the park, out for picnics and wear loads of bright colours! 

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Zoe xx