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Monday, 3 August 2015

My summer travel bag+ travel outfit | Summer trilogy

Hi guys, and welcome to my summer trilogy. As it is August in England it is officially Summer so I thought I will do a summer trilogy for you guys and all 3 parts will be released on Sundays! So the first part of the summer trilogy is what to pack when you go on holiday as last week I went on holiday to Wales and as I was packing anyway I thought it was a great opportunity to make a post for you. Also as I was travelling I thought why not show you what outfit I wore for the journey as well!

So the first thing is my suitcase - I think I got this from tripp and it is basically just a normal suitcase which you can wheel around, which is really handy!

I packed 4 trousers in total- 2 jeggings and 2 leggings and as I didn't know what we were going to do once we got there and the weather was all over the place (was mostly due to be cold) so trousers over shorts were a must!

I took two long sleeved tops as I knew that I could always layer and the weather was going to be cold. These tops are really old and I should seriously think I should make a line which has long sleeve tops with nice patterns on as they are just impossible to find- t-shirts have nice patterns on why can't tops?

I took 3 crop tops as I love them and it is summer so you gotta have some crop tops (whatever the  weather). The ones I took were all from New Look! I love the navy blue one with the elephant on as it was loose fitting and looks really nice paired with jeans.

Then I took 2 sleeveless cotton tops, these are my all time favourite things to wear as I love something with a collar and these are so comfy. Plus, you can layer them as well. I own way to many tops with this style!

Socks! I took 8 pairs of socks as I was going for 7 days and you never know when you need a spare pair. I do the same with knickers but I thought it was inappropriate to share them with you and, of course, bras but err, also inappropriate!

I also took 3 jumpers - these 2 knit wear ones and this very thin one which I think is crocheted but I'm not too sure, I just love it as again if you are not sure of the weather you don't get too hot in it but at the same time it is another layer. This is also from New Look and the other two jumpers were from gap (in the sale) and New Look as well!

I also took a pair of shorts for the warm weather (which never actually happened!) :(

And of course I took some pyjamas! I took this grey top with 3/4 length sleeves paired with these purple checkered bottoms. I also took some slippers for my feet in case they get cold.  These are from Tesco.

I also took my Chromebook in my main suitcase - I love this so much!
(If your wondering where other technology is and camera equipment etc it was in my hand luggage.) We weren't sure how good the internet would be (it was awful just for the record) but I still took it just in case.

Then there were the toiletries - the obvious stuff like a hairbrush, deodorant. make up remover, cotton wool pads for my make up remover. However I also like to take a moisturiser and the stuff I use is Nivea soft. I also like to take some dry shampoo as I don't particularly want to be washing my hair all the time while on holiday and I use the batiste dry shampoo in the scent floral and flirty blush.

The next thing I take is my current book "Lies", from the Gone series by Michael Grant and if you follow me on twitter -  @zoesherlockblog - you would know that he tweeted me! I didn't fangirl at all...much!!!

Then obviously I take make up. I have done a post on this before a while back My travel make-up bag. However it has changed since then and I use this little make up bag which is so handy as it is really cute and has two compartments so you can split your make up up into night and day or eyes and face like I did. I am not going to go into too much detail on this but If you are interested in what make up I took I will just leave a list and link all the products to where you can get it!

Moving onto my outfit! Now I personally hate car journeys as I get car sick really easy so I like to be as comfy as possible. Also you need to wear layers as cars tend to change temperatures very quickly and either are extremely hot or extremely cold. I normally wear a vest top or short sleeve top and layer it with a cotton shirt I especially like this one as it is really comfy and soft. Then I like to wear a thick pair of jeans as they are warm and really comfy. I like to wear my hair in plaits as then it is in front of my head so that its comfy against the seat so there are no bobbles sticking into your head. Then I just wear some thick, comfy socks so that my feet are warm and some plimsolls so when we stop at service stations I can easily slip them on. I also took a coat as another layer and as it would be difficult to pack as it would take up a lot of space.

So that's it from this post I hope you liked the first part of the summer trilogy if you did like, comment and share and I will be back with a post very soon!

Zoe xx


  1. I liked your jumpers! And your makeup bag is so cute!