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Thursday, 29 October 2015

October Favourites!

Hi guys and welcome to today's post! So you might be aware that I haven't posted in so long! I have multiple reasons and excuses for why I haven't been posting but the main reason is due to my YouTube channel, which I have recently started so if you haven't already it would mean a lot if you went and checked that out buy clicking here! Anyway lets get on with today's post. I have an October favourites for you; Autumn is by far my favourite season and there's just something so special about being all toasty under some blankets and watching films whilst drinking your hot chocolate! I just love October and these are my favourites from this month!

So my first favourite is a lip product - this isn't a particularly Autumnal shade but I have just been absolutely loving it. This is the Revlon lip-gloss in the shade sun-baked and this is definitely better than my lips natural colour. It's so hydrating, which is perfect for this time of the year as it glides on really nicely and isn't too sticky. However, at the same time it stays on really well. It's also quite big and there is a lot of product in the tube. I have been loving wearing this for school and I keep it in my blazer pocket to reapply whenever my lips feel dry! I got this on holiday from the Factory Shop which means I got it cheaper than normal.

The next thing is a nail polish - this is the Rimmel 60 seconds polish in the shade 'cool as copper'.  It's a really nice copper shade and I am totally obsessed with copper at the moment. I know it's all the trend this year but I feel like all the trends at the moment I absolutely love - I swear this is my year for the things I love! I have been loving this again for school as it is a really nice neutral shade but is also really pretty and delicate looking. I would say this shade is a mix between rose gold and copper which are my two favourite shades.

The fragrance I have been loving this month is the Zoella Lets spritz tutti-fruity scent. Even though this is quite a summery scent I have just been really loving it this month- don't know why I just do. This smells amazing and is very sophisticated, fruity and smells very mature even though it is still a fruity smell. My only problem with this is as it is a mist you spray it and within an hour or so the scent is completely gone, which is a shame but can't be helped none-the- less. If you haven't smelt this range yet then when you next visit Superdrug just go and smell it because it smells incredible!

The other scent I have been loving is the Yankee candle in the scent salted caramel. Now I absolutely love this scent however my parents both hate it (I have no idea why!). Honestly this scent is what I imagine heaven to smell like it is so amazing! I am smelling it now and it's honestly making me so happy because it's just perfect for this time of year but, to be honest, you can can use it all year round! I especially love candles at this time of year because it is getting darker early and they provide a little bit of light and atmosphere, as well as looking so nice.  There is something so therapeutic about candles and I just love scented stuff - I'm going to go light it now!

The next thing is slippers. Now I don't know about you but in the Autumn my feet are always absolutely freezing - I swear they are sometimes just blocks of ice! I truly love the kind of slipper socks things - they don't have tough soles so they're not uncomfortable to wear but they still have these little suction things so you don't slip about. These are probably my favourite ones as they are the most comfortable and cosy because of the fluff on the inside. They're also a bit thicker then my other ones. They are also really cute with the little hearts on and I really love them!

 The next thing is Jumpers. Autumn is definitely sweater weather month and I always love to layer up and stay warm as I get cold easily! Knitted sweaters are the ones I love, especially as they look so cute and I love wearing them with a collared top. Another thing I love about these is they come in a variety of colours so they are a really nice way to add a pop of colour to your outfit and I just really like them. Jumpers are always going to be my go to piece of clothing in the colder months and even the hotter months! I just love, love, love jumpers!

Another clothing item I have been loving is my boots; I have always loved boots and I especially love them in the Autumn. The ones shown here are so comfy and warm, and I love the fluff that lines them as it helps make your feet feel snug and super comfy. I actually got these from Tesco and I really like them, as well as a lot of the clothes they have there as they're actually decent! I think these were around the £10 mark in the sales but I'm not 100% sure on that. I got them a while back so don't know if you can still get them but if you can then you should definitely and get them because they are amazing!

The final thing I have been loving this month is hot chocolate! This has always been my favourite hot drink - I mean, I love tea but nothing can beat a good old hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and, maybe, even cream. It is just so amazing for this time of the year and to be totally honest I don't think I need to tell you how much I love hot chocolate and why because I am pretty sure the majority of you also love it too! It certainly wouldn't be an October favourite without mentioning hot chocolate! I really want one now! If you were wondering which is my favourite one to make it's the Cadbury's Wispa hot chocolate as it is foamy and amazing - I just add milk (no water) purely because I prefer how it tastes!

 So that is it for my October Favourites. I've missed blogging and enjoyed writing this post so much - I am going to try and post more regularly on here and really hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them! I think I might try uploading every other week and try a video in between as I want to enjoy writing again but not miss out on my videos as I really enjoy doing those as well! Thank you for sticking by me and I will post again very soon!

Zoe xx


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