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Monday, 23 October 2017

New-quay Summer 2017 | CAWM

Hi guys, it has been a while...

I actually wrote this post last summer but never uploaded it and decided it was about time!

You may have noticed I have stopped my online presence on both my YouTube and blog and it has been over your now since I have uploaded anything. However I still would like to post every now and again!

For instance these are my holiday photos from my most recent summer holiday with me and my family (excluding the brother and dog). As recently I have been on holiday to the beautiful coastal town New-quay which situates in southern Wales near Ceredigion. Much to my delight we spent the majority of the holiday walking, excluding the beach day I forced my parents to let me have, this at least offered some amazing photo opportunities as the views were spectacular. It has also done wonders for my skin which is finally starting to clear up, but that's irrelevant.

Anyway here is a combination of both mine and my dads photos of New-quay:

I discover panoramas on this trip and decided to take a lot- some where successful however some aren't quite as good, however they give a good insight on your surroundings which otherwise a single picture might not always be able to convey- plus they're fun to do!

Here are some of my favourite photographs to share, as they are my more photography orientated images and some I think are pretty damn good, and showcases some of Wales best scenery along the southern coast.

 Also on our walks we encountered numerous pretty woodlands, which look like the could be a jungle from somewhere like Thailand!

The harbour was one of our all time favourite places to go, a short 5 minute walk down to the front showcased a flawless view of the sea and offered a great place to go fishing and crabbing (or should I say our friends went fishing and crabbing while we watched). It also has some  beautiful little shops and everything you could need for a week long stay. Including the best chips I have ever tasted!

I was quite proud of our sunrise photography over the harbour- which I got up at 5.30 a.m on the last day to take!

I also took an embarrassing amount of snapchats (zoemsherlock). So I thought I should put all the potrait images together... and the family selfies!

Then comes the family photos and of course selfies cos you can't have a holiday without em'.

So that's all the photos I took, even though this was our summer holiday for my brothers 18th we did actually venture as far as Venice so they're might be a 'throwback' post coming up from that trip.

So they're the pics from my most recent summer holiday, I hope you enjoyed this post,

Zoe xx

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