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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Brief 1 Still Life Proforma | AS Photography

Hi guys, so today I have a very special post for you. I am currently in lower sixth studying Photography, Maths and History at college. The main use of my blog is photography and as you guys seemed to like it when I shared my GCSE portfolio with you. Therefore I thought I would also share what I am currently working on. The first brief we did was still life, however this is made up of numerous different projects based off a variety of photographers and ideas. Obviously in photography you don't just take photographs and there is a whole portfolio of work to go along with these photographs but I'm just going to share with you the edits as these are the most interesting. Anyway I hope you enjoy my still life images!

Project 1- Paper cut outs

Project 2- Kitchen Still Life

Project 3- Object Still Life

Project 4- Themed still life

Project 5- Technical Still Life

Project 6- Depth Of Field

Project 7- Art History Shoot (Jean Tinguely)

So that's the first project I hoped you liked it, there will be many more to come which I hope to share with you guys as well! Photography a level is a lot of fun even if it is very stressful! However it is amazing being able to study and improve this passion of mine which I think is extremely clear from the progression of these projects! so that'[s everything, hope you enjoyed this post,
Zoe xx

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